Where can you read me?

(Updated 04-18)

Oooo…bad time to check this page. I was The Chicago Sun-Times’ tech columnist from 1999 to 2018. That was the main home for my tech journalism and in the week between the split and my updating this page, I haven’t found a new home for my tech column. For now, the best place to find my writing is right here.

So let’s live in the past. I’ve been a regular columnist for some magazine or website or the other since 1990, writing for Macworld and damn-near every other publication bearing the prefix “Mac.” Along the way I’ve done freelance work for Playboy, Fast Company, Cars.com, Consumers Digest, and BoingBoing, just off the top of my head. Plus I’ve written about a dozen books, a paper on sustainable habitats that was licensed by NASA for educational use…let’s see…an issue of “Ren & Stimpy Comics” stole a joke from one my columns (with appropriate attribution)…

Best for me to just say “I’m a veteran technology journalist” secure in the knowledge that I can show the scars if pressed for further evidence.

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