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New YouTube video: “In The Air”

Yes, fellow sensation-seekers, it’s time for another video from Macworld Expo. And this time…I actually talk about stuff regarding the actual show!

I’ve been home for five days and I already miss that huge bathtub. My own bathtub is that common sort of pathetic Bathtub-Shaped Object whose sole purpose is to just prevent the water from slopping onto the floor when you shower. I’d forgotten how nifty it is to just settle into a cubic yard of hot, fresh water and read comics until your fingers and feet get all pruny.

Just one more Macworld video is coming…then it’s on to new business.

YouTube Video 02 – “The Kindle Constitutional”

Welp, this ain’t going to be a weekly feature, sensation-seekers, but I realized that I prolly ought to get this second YouTube video up this week. It’s pretty clear that it was shot just before Christmas. Golly…way back then, you wouldn’t dare walk outside without some sort of jacket. If I tried to pass this off as something I did in January, nobody would believe me.

It turns out that all those NBC Christmas specials got it exactly right: walking through Central Park on the weekend before Christmas is just like walking through a Hallmark card. It’s damned pretty, and everybody comes out of the woodwork to have a Treasured Holiday Moment. Even those who do choose to engage in public urination do so discreetly.

Your Crane Shot

Check out my Flickr feed for a bunch of shots from my latest trip to NYC on CBS’ dime.

Initial YouTubery

I did mention a while back that I wanted to try a bunch of new things as I elevated my Colossal Waste of Bandwidth into the Celestial range. One of ’em is to start exploiting the fact that the saps at YouTube are willing to give me free storage and bandwidth on their servers.

At some point these naive young kids are going to wise up and realize that there’s no way to make money on Internet distribution of video. I mean, get real. The Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers believe this so fervently that they’re willing to drag the entire nation into a yearlong strike to defend their business of the insane demands of writers who insist on sticking their greedy little ink-stained hands into an empty till.

It’s all explained on the AMPTP site. Via an Internet video.

So it’s probably smart to get in on this before YouTube’s investors finally pull the plug, all of the company’s gelato tables and ping-pong machines are put up on eBay, and YouTube.com redirects to a Latvian porn site.

I’ve made three 10-minute videos so far. They’re fun to put together…particularly with iMovie ’08. These videos are iMovie’s first “live-fire” exercise and I gotta say that I’m ready to take sides: iMovie ’08 isn’t a wonderful upgrade for everybody, but for people like me who just want an efficient tool for turning a camera full of raw video into something short and presentable, it’s a big win.

Me on the CBS Early Show

I Amtrakked my way to a quaint little Dutch trading post over the weekend to do another bit for the CBS Early Show. Check ‘er out…I’m there to talk about my ideas about back-to-school tech for high schoolers:

Ach, it was a four-minute segment, I had about six minutes’ worth of stuff to say, and it really showed. Well, nobody died. I did kick the water cooler in the dugout afterward, metaphorically-speaking, but on the four-hour train rode home I replayed it in my head and decided that though it wasn’t my finest hour on national television, it wasn’t as bad as I was making it out to be. So I stopped writing personal letters of apology to the American viewing public after just 113 (from Aaban, Abrahaim G. through Aaban, Amos W.).

The important thing is that with this appearance, I’ve scored the Hat Trick: three segments on the Early Show in as many months. This means that I now feel like I can consider myself part of the CBS Family. And if, just before leaving the TV studio of a family member, you can’t fill your backpack with all of the Cokes from the minifridge in their green room…I ask you, just whose green room minifridge can you steal from?

I freely (and manfully) admit that the lamp was a bad impulse and I fully intend to return it if they ever invite me back.