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Apple enters the Quenchability marketspace

You thought those fake Apple stores were a problem? Asia’s also got fake Steve Jobs-es!!!

A MacBreak listener who lives in Taiwan sent me the above photo, taken by his wife in a local supermarket. His rough translation of the Chinese:

Buy TongYi tea products today
Sony Bloggie free every day
Weekly iPad draw

It explains why Apple recently issued a blanket prohibition against using their products in promotions, as well as how Apple managed to put $76,500,000,000 in the bank. Suffice to say that any company that can afford Steve Jobs’ quote as a beverage pitchman can also buy exclusivity.

(Question: why do you think you never, ever see Tim Cook’s bus ads for Pibb Xtra any more?)

Let’s just hope that this campaign takes off and reaches the States. Suggested slogans:

“And with TongYi Tea, there’s always ‘One More Thing’: great, refreshing taste.”

“One sip, and you’ll be locked-in…to Flavor!

“Nestea is a bottle of $#&%! They should be ashamed of themselves!!!!”


Please don’t say something in the comments that will force me and a hundred people to tell you “It’s not really Steve Jobs, you galloping jack-a-ninny.”