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10 More Questions A Photographer Should Ask Before Taking The Photo

My pal Scott Bourne has an interesting post on his Photofocus blog: “Seven Things To Ask Before You Take Your Next Photograph.” It’s all good stuff. The man knows photography.

I’ve been blessed with a kind and generous spirit so I thought I’d help him out a bit by adding ten more to the list. No need to thank me, Scott: it’s just what I do.

8) “You’re not a cop, are you?”

9) “What did the model mean when she said ‘Sure I’m a woman…I mean, technically’?”

10) “Would a micro four-thirds camera have been a more appropriate choice for this assignment? How much will it hurt when Kate Gosselin’s goons shove this Nikon D3 SLR up my ass?”

11) “What’s the highest non-lethal dose of Nyquil I can give this kid to make him settle the hell down?”

12) “Should I attempt to minimize its visibility with makeup, or just erase the model’s vestigial tail in Photoshop later on?”

13) “Quick, is this the kind of bear I’m supposed to run away from, or is it the kind I’m supposed to play dead for?”

14) “What’s the legal difference between animal abuse and mere animal endangerment?

15) “Is there even a market for photos of Susan Boyle sunbathing topless?”

16) “Um…this isn’t the camera with the Eye-Fi card in it, right? Because if this shot gets downloaded by my Mom and Dad’s digital picture frame in twenty minutes, they’ll never be able to look at their daughter-in-law the same way again. Or anyone in a sports mascot costume.”

17) “Usted no es un policía, ¿Verdad?”