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The difference between the Mac OS and iOS App Stores

My Close Personal Friend™ Daniel Jalkut is the developer who makes MarsEdit, the slightly-better-than-wonderful MacOS blogging tool.

He’s released an “extremely minimal” update to the app, as in: 3.2.1 is now 3.2.2. Apple has rejected the update from the App Store for “alleged violations of their policies that [DJ] can’t yet make sense of.”

But while he sorts that out…everyone can download 3.2.2 directly from Red-Sweater.com.

And that’s the difference between the two App Stores. When an Mac OS app gets rejected, it’s annoying, yes, and I can only imagine the Epcot of Delight that Daniel’s going to go experience as he tries to figure out what exactly Apple thinks is wrong with MarsEdit 3.2.2. But in the meantime, the gears of progress keep spinning, and he retains control over his destiny.

If MarsEdit were an iOS app, however, he’d be screwed. An iPhone or an iPad developer can’t make an end-run around the App Store. It’s bad enough when users can’t get their hands on software update that the developer feels is necessary. But when Apple says NO SOUP FOR YOU! to a developer who’s sunk thousands of dollars of real money, to say nothing about hundreds or thousands of man-hours of work, into creating what was hopefully going to become a profit-making app…yowtch. I think that experience would make this developer impatient for a day when one could make a nice living writing apps for Android devices.

Red Sweater Blog – MarsEdit 3.2.2.