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Snappy Answers to (Sensible) iPad Pro Ordering Questions

I’ve answered a bunch of the same questions a bunch of times today already. So let’s save me some typing:

1) I’ve no idea when the iPad Pro pre-ordering opens up.

Best guess? Midnight, California time. But I’ll also be checking at midnight on the East Coast. Failing that, 6 AM East Coast time. If it still isn’t available, I’m just going to buy a Surface Pro 4 and send a screengrab of the receipt to Tim Cook and just watch him melt into a sad puddle of regret.

(Well, no. I’ll just go to bed and order one later. If I don’t get one the first week, that’s okay.)

2) I’ve no idea when the iPad will ship, or when it will be available in stores.

Only “sometime by the end of the week.”

3) I don’t even know which way will get an iPad Pro into your hands sooner.

It’s possible that someone who orders one tonight and pays for next-day shipping will receive it on Friday, and someone who orders one early in the AM on Thursday and selects in-store pickup will have it on Thursday.

4) If you aren’t one of the first to get one, don’t worry about it.

Apple is making plenty.

5) Which one are you buying?

Wifi, 128 gig, space gray. Pencil, but no keyboard case.