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More Mino/Zi6 Video on its way…

It was a gorgeous sunny day so I went and shot some more Mino HD/Kodak Zi6 side-by-side demos. I wanted to know if the overcast weather had thrown the Kodak last week. If it’s been “coached” to treat everything like there’s plenty of light and lots of highlights and shadows, maybe it had simply gotten bamboozled.

I haven’t cut the video together yet (Final Cut Express just arrived yesterday; this is Project One for the app). For now, I can tell you that my conclusions still stand. You can see for yourself and make your own conclusions soon enough.

Today Santa Brought: NEW Flip Mino *HD*!!!

There’s a reason why I’ve held off on my big review of Kodak’s “lifestyle”-grade pocket HD camcorder…and my Cone of Press Secrecy lifted today.

Yes, Flip was working on a high-definition version of the Flip Mino. Mine arrived just about an hour ago; it’s charging up as I write this so obviously…no sample video yet. Plus, there’s the pesky problem of “this week’s column” to finish.

But to answer your firstest questions:

  • It records in 720p (1280×720 at 16:9 widescreen ratio).
  • It has 4 gigs of storage, which promises to hold an hour of HD video.
  • It looks identical to the old Mino…just marginally wider and thicker.
  • Like the old Mino, there’s no card slot and the battery is sealed in.
  • $229, or just $50 more than the standard-def Mino (which remains in the lineup).

Oh, and iMovie recognizes it immedately and imports HD content directly…when I plugged it in to charge, iMovie activated and showed me thumbnails of a few samples that were already on the device.

More comments, video, and of course a full review — comparing the Flip HD, Kodak Zi6, the Aiptek Action HD (aka “The Walmart Camera”) against my Panasonic HDC-SD1 (aka the “real” HD camcorder) will follow.

Until then…There Will Be Blood. Er…photos. The HD edition is on the right…to the left is the standard-rez Mino.

[Updated: Yes, the Flip HD is immediately recognized by iMovie. Yes, it presents you with an import panel of thumbnails. But! None of them can be imported. Instead, you need to use the desktop app to import videos from the Flip. Let’s hope that it works with Perian. Stay tuned.]

[And the HD model is exactly the same size as the original Mino. Sorry folks…blame the optical illusion of that light-colored band around the original model.]