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Dinner with Jim Lee

Tigra, drawn by Jim during dinner. As the sketch progressed, our table was getting progressively more attention from male waiters and busboys.

Months ago, Jim Lee and I made plans to get together for dinner when he was here town for the Boston Comic-Con. I was so eager to keep our Saturday night date that I took a 1 AM redeye home from the Conference On World Affairs that morning. Jim kept the date even though he was battling food poisoning.

“I think the two of us would have made great Victorian gentlemen,” I said, upon learning of his troubles. Way back then, it didn’t matter if you’d lost a leg in the First Boer War that morning or that your manservant had crashed your autoheliogyro in the Strand, killing fourteen children and forcing you to walk the remaining three blocks to the Reform Club. A gentleman kept his social engagements.

It was a swell dinner (for those of us who could partake freely of the restaurant’s board of fare) and it was great to meet Jim and his family. I gave him a copy of my latest book. He gave me this sketch.

Yeah, I think Jim kind of got screwed in this deal…!