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For Shame!

Greetings from CocoaConf Yosemite, an exceptionally lovely conference for Mac developers taking place at a lodge inside Yosemite National Park. Conferences like this one are a relatively new development. The focus is far away from new APIs and project management. Instead, the speakers tend to spend their 45 minutes talking about how we write software, how we create things, how to pull off the modern miracle of feeling both productive and fulfilled.

I’ve been looking forward to my talk for months. I so totally want my talk to go well. Because during last year’s conference, the majority of speakers left me seriously juiced up about getting back to work and expanding my horizons. I’m grateful to them.

Jamiee Newberry finished talking this morning. Her 45 minute talk about focusing on little goals and new experiences made me think about how long it’s been since I wrote a proper blog post. Jamiee wanted to write more, so she opened an account on Medium and set herself the little goal of writing one thing every day, just thirty minutes a shot, no editing, for a month. And by Godfrey, she did it.

Jamiee is a terrific speaker, so it was Inspirational.

If my Mom or Dad had said the same thing, it would have been a little Shaming. “Why can’t you just do what that nice Newberry girl did? She maintained a long streak of blog posts and YouTube videos! And didn’t you see that stain on your shirt when you got dressed this morning?”

But no: Inspirational.

So I’m here at the back of the room, spending fifteen minutes putting out a quick blog post.

Push the button, Frank.