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Fighting Hatred And Proper Nutrition

First, the homophobes launched a boycott against Nabisco, because they posted a photo of a Rainbow Oreo in support of Pride Day.

Then, the COO of Chick-Fil-A came all the way out of the closet on his support of antigay causes, to the tune of millions of dollars in donations. There aren’t any Chick-Fil-A restaurants in New England. So, I bought a Protest Chicken Burrito at Chipotle.

I mean, this is awesome. I’ve always been grateful of the many contributions that LGBT 11% of the population has made to our society. I’ve admired their courage in the face of irrational and caustic hatred from those at all levels of power. Their ongoing work to secure their fair share of rights, to inspire the vast, vast majority of us to be vocal in our support, has only made our nation stronger.

With that statement on the record and out of the way: cool! I can have a burrito with sour cream and guac, and put off Salad Wednesday for another day or two! I mean, sure, I can have a burrito any time I want one. But it’s rare that I can have a burrito and be all sanctimonious about it.

I invite any homophobic corporate executives at Pepsi, Sony Playstation, and whoever the hell it is who’s in direct competition with Segway to go ahead and make their next move. Please. Soon. Summer’s short.