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Is Bill Watterson ghosting “Pearls Before Swine” this week?

Pearls Before Swine” sports a new art style this week. The running joke is that Stephan Pastis, sick of the regular complaint that he draws like a two-year-old child, arrogantly handed his pen to an actual two-year-old. And she’s kicking his butt.

I noted the new style but the thought “Maybe Bill Watterson is ghost-drawing his strip!” didn’t enter my head until this piece on DailyCartoonist.com suggested exactly that.

I don’t know if this rumor is true or not. Pastis has responded to queries with “Wait and see.” The revelation at the end is meant to be a surprise (and I’m sure the rumor, even if false, will do nothing but good for the strip).

But I don’t need it to be true. This rumor is like when the multistate lottery jackpot is up to a quarter of a billion dollars (I buy one lottery ticket when the prize can legitimately be expressed as a fraction of a billion). I know in my heart that it won’t happen. But for just a few days, I live in a world where maybe it’s going to happen.

It’s worth a dollar. And when believing in something as cool as “The creator of ‘Calvin And Hobbes’ is drawing a daily strip” cost me nothing? Sold, sold, SOLD.