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Fixing my Apple Pencil

As part of my testing of the iPad Pro, I mailed my Apple Pencil to a professional comic book artist to see what he thought of it. I love the thing. But yeah, obviously I’m thrilled just to be able to make realistic red marks on a screen without an open wound being part of the process.

He sent it back promptly (along with some AMAZING sketches that will be part of the review). But it wasn’t working. I cussed and wondered if the thing wasn’t built all that well. He’d packed it super-securely. How did it get broken?

I made an appointment with the Genius Bar and mentioned all of this on MacBreak. But! A listener made a suggestion on Twitter a few minutes later that got it working again. I unscrewed the tip completely, removed it, and then reinstalled it.

Presto! I have my Pencil back.

And now I don’t have to make awkward small talk with a total stranger at the Apple store! Nor will I need to use any of the lines I had written and rehearsed, to be deployed when I was told “No, we can’t fix it and we don’t have any replacements here in the store so we can’t swap it out.”

I’m recording this here for the benefit of people who search for “fixing Apple Pencil” or “dead Apple Pencil” or “my Apple Pencil stopped working” or “why doesn’t my Apple Pencil work” or…look, I can’t keep coming up with these. I hope one of those phrases helped you to find this page.

It’s still a little odd that the thing stopped working. It’s not as though the tip was wobbly or loose. In fact, the reader’s advice was to tighten it up. That didn’t work, but going all the way did the trick.

Review is finished and it’ll be online soon. I’ll release the link as soon as it’s live. 

First Flight with Apple Pencil

Doodle One

My box of Apple review hardware arrived today. I’m probably the only one who left an iPad Pro sealed in its shipping carton and leaped upon the Pencil as if it were the fingerbone of the Apostle Paul.

I took it for a quick spin. Visually, the results…um…well, they aren’t ”keynote-worthy.” But man, did I have fun with this thing and the Procreate app. I enjoy doodling but I don’t enjoy the muck and fuss of maintaining (and learning how to use) traditional drawing tools.

And, as you can guess by this image, I’m the sort of artist whose confidence is desperately bolstered by a pencil with an “Undo” feature. I’ve had those all my life, but this is the first one that doesn’t reduce a sheet of bristol plate into something as thin as toilet paper from the 99 cent store.