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MacTech Conference in LA next week

Image of the HOLLYWOOD sign, clipped from their website navigation bar.

Ach, blogging about this has been on my to-do list for a while: I’m going to be keynoting next week’s MacTech conference, which takes place next week in LA from November 3 through the 5th. Details are right here on the MacTech site.

I like this idea: it’ll be a tech conference focused on Mac OS development and IT, and they’ve lined up a bunch of great speakers. They’re also offering on-site Apple Certification…if you sign up for the conference today, you’ll even get certified for free.

As you can guess, last week’s Mac OS Lion announcements has forced me to more or less jettison the talk I’d had in mind for the past few months and I’ve had to start all over again. But hey…easy come, easy go! And the big payoff for developers is that the timing is perfect. WWDC won’t be taking place until next summer and this is the first formal chance to get together and discuss all of the groundwork necessary for writing Mac OS 10.7 apps.

On a more personal note: If I don’t leave town with a development deal or at least a recurring speaking role on “The Big Bang Theory,” I’ll feel as though I hadn’t really tried. My one previous time in Los Angeles, it didn’t even occur to me to break into the business until my last day in town, and by then it was like 6 o’clock and all of the agencies near the airport had already closed. But this time for sure.