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Mr. 10,000 (Tweets)

The Andy Ihnatko 10,000th Tweet Live Video Spectacular from Andy Ihnatko on Vimeo.

After three years, 10,000 Tweets, and being followed by more than 35,000 people, I still don’t have a good answer to the question “But what’s the point of Twitter?” I’ve come up with two responses that work.

Apparently, Twitter is either a boat or a sliver of soap, depending on who’s asking me and who’s listening.

If my audience sincerely and earnestly wants to understand Twitter, I tell them “It’s like a boat. Anybody can use a Twitter account just for fun. A much smaller percentage are leading the kind of lives in which it’s actually useful. And a tiny, tiny fraction are making money with the thing.” If it’s a conversational kind of request, I say “Think of that sliver of soap left in the dish. That’s a single Tweet. All by itself, it’s worthless. Squeeze lots of them together, and you’ll eventually have something with weight and substance.”

But I guess Twitter is like my iPhone 4. Sometimes the best endorsement you can make — and the only endorsement that really matters — is the simple fact that you use the hell out of this thing, and that your week would be very, very different without it.

I got a taste of that over the past few days. For the past couple of weeks, I’d been aware that I was nearing my 10,000th Tweet. I knew I wanted to do something a little bit special for #10,000. Eventually I got to #9998, which meant that I had just enough shots left to announce what I was going to do and then to do it…which also meant that I couldn’t Tweet anything at all until I figured out what those things were going to be.

Behold, The Answer: I did my 10,000th Tweet on Ustream. Click away, but I should warn you that there’s an Anthony Newley impression coming.

“What should my 10,000th Tweet be?” I wondered. I came up with a halfway decent “140-character novel.” Naw. I thought about just being sincere and sweet and thanking the folks who’ve supported my work in various ways. Mmm…naah. When the right idea came, I instantly recognized that there could be no more appropriate way to crystallize my previous 9,999 Tweets.

But yes, these Big Plans meant that I had to stop Twittering for a few days, to preserve the #10,000 slot. Going without Twitter for 72 hours served to remind me about the things I most enjoy about the service.

I missed the ongoing communication with the people who read my columns and listen to my podcasts. There’s an immediacy and a conversational tone to the Twitter timeline that doesn’t exist in any other medium. I like responding to questions and I also like hearing good and bad reactions. Either way, comments are usually to the point, and valuable.

I missed those little moments of time with my friends. If I could afford to send each of my friends one of those baskets of fresh fruit cut into flowery shapes a few times a week, I could. Commenting on a particularly cool of interesting tweet of theirs is close enough, though it really does next to nothing to combat the spread of scurvy and The Ghost Disease among the geek populace.

Not Tweeting has been a little like watching milk go bad in my fridge. Little things pop into my head and maybe they’re of no use to anybody, but they’re fun little strings of words. Twitter is the only place where I can post them, really, and if I try to “save them up” for a later date, they go completely stale after sitting in my head for so long. “I was acting on impulse” isn’t a great explanation for why you did something stupid, but it’s still a hell of a lot better than having to admit that yes, you thought about it for two or three days and it still seemed like a solid idea. This admission is often the precursor to a fiancee maintaining her composure just long enough to twist the engagement ring from her finger and fling it at you with enough force that you’re going to want to apply a little Bactine to the wound.

I don’t feel like I’ve done all I can for something I’ve just written and published until I’ve Tweeted a link. And here we get to the Business end of Twitter. I was looking through my Flickr feed the other day, specifically looking for “orphan” photos that haven’t been organized into any existing photoset before. It’s not hard to figure out why some of these have received just four or five hundred views over the course of a year and another one got 2,000 in just a week: I Tweeted a link to one of them.

I create and publish things for many different reasons and they vary from item to item but yes, somewhere in the back of my mind “I’d like people to see this” is always on the list. I can come up with what I think is an interesting idea, research and write it well, edit it carefully, and publish it. But I’ve got this list of 35,000 people who at some point clicked a button to indicate that they’re somewhat interested in the stuff I post. Until I’ve posted a link to Twitter, I feel like the job is only partially-complete. If it fails to catch on, it fails to catch on…but just like sending a kid off to school with a good, hot breakfast in his or her belly, I feel as though I gave this piece every reasonable advantage.

And Twitter just keeps getting more and more important. Yesterday, I downloaded the sort of app that gets all of my Nerd Parts tingling. Within the first ten minutes of using Flipboard and linking it to my Twitter account, it seemed as though writing a review of it became the most important thing that I would ever do. Phrases like “From now on, instead of vaguely talking about the future of magazines and newspapers, we should just point to Flipboard and then break into discussion groups” and “This free app will justify at least $150 of the money you spend for your iPad” came straight to mind.

(When I feel this exuberant about something…yeah, I quickly realize that I need to calm down and see how I feel after a few more days.)

Screenshot of iPad app Flipboard, showing a collection of articles from various sources.

Flipboard: it really feels like the way I'll be getting 80% of my news from now on.

Still! What a brilliant idea. I follow about 250 people on Twitter. This is, exclusively, a list of people and institutions whose opinions matter to me (actual friends, and writers or publications who regularly write things that I want to read). Their Tweets are of interest to me. These people also often Tweet links to articles and other content that they think is valuable.

Flipboard strip-mines your Twitter follows for content and links, and assembles it all into a beautiful digital magazine of fresh content. I’d say it’s almost “suspiciously” beautiful. Like the Mechanical Turk, it’s hard to imagine that this on-the-fly design and layout is the result of an automaton working without human intervention.

It’s not a Twitter client, really. But yes, you can reply to Tweets and Star the original posts and whatnot.

The app was just released a day ago, so details are still a little sketchy. In addition to linking to Twitter and Facebook, there are “curated” channels whose sources are managed by the Flipboard team…and other social-media sources are coming soon. I almost wore out some of the glass on my iPad tapping and searching for a way to add my Flickr feeds to FlipBoard; a “National Geographic”-style viewer for all of my friends’ photos is going to be a killer feature.

When I first tried Twitter (let’s see: “March 22, 2007” — oh, my…were we ever that young?) I dismissed it as just a useless micro-trend. Then my friends started to join, and it became entertaining. Then, it somehow became important. I truly value the Twitter infrastructure. I’ve never been interested in playing the Numbers Game; having a certain number of Followers doesn’t motivate me. It’s the connections represented by the 282 people whom I follow and the 35,589 people who follow me that I rely upon. It’s not something that can be engineered. It has to be grown over time.

I had an awareness of the value of the unique shape of this thing called “my peculiar use of Twitter” before Flipboard was released. Flipboard is just the first app that makes that value so tangible.

Well, then. The next milestone, I think, will be 50,000 Twitter followers. I have at least a couple of years to think about how I’m going to mark that occasion. I hope to do something big but even so: expect a cash bar.

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-05-23

  • Back from the MIT Flea. Not the greatest, but any Flea where you fondle a Cray 6 logic board and score an OM-10 for $5 is OK. #
  • Just realized: Jon Stewart is like Leslie Nielsen. Funny when he reads the joke straight, but DEATH when he tries to be funny. #
  • Watching "House" season finale, shot entirely on an iPhone. Wait, no, a Canon 5D SLR. Which is still kind of impressive. #
  • Getting set up for MacBreak Weekly. Watch and listen live at #
  • The plot of "The Hangover" could have been the walkthrough of a really good Infocom text adventure game. #
  • Columnists whom the gods would destroy, they first make cover a 2day keynote that splits across a print deadline. Thanks Google! #
  • Watching the Google keynote. G is so worked up on spanking Apple with this talk that they've stopped listening for the safeword. #
  • Onward to GoogleTV. Their slogan seems to be "We should switch to the other box," for all of the HW connectivity problems. #
  • ("We should switch to the other box" is actually a good slogan in general for a new alternative to TV. Would be nice if the demo worked.) #
  • They're now seriously asking 5000 people to turn off their cellphones to solve the connectivity problems. Google rly understands people. #
  • Lots of good stuff in this keynote; typing and listening and thinking instead of making snarky comments, sorry. :) #
  • (Google: this is the THIRD time you've asked 5000 people to turn off their phones. It makes you sound very, very silly.) #
  • Hey, cool…MacBreak is one of the dozen HD video podcasts that just happened to be featured on the demo page. #
  • (Oh, for God's sake: CUT THE MICS of the people who are debugging your preso hardware probs when someone else is talking!) #
  • Other than these (big and avoidable) tech problems, it's a very VERY solid preso…leaves everyone with lots to think about. #
  • This keynote has been both about practical platform advantages but JUST as much about market positioning and differentiation. #
  • Interesting: the Adobe Flash Player team talks in-depth about Flash 10.1 on Android » #
  • At comix shop, I H-A-T-E-D the in-store music so much I nearly left before getting what I came for. (This was my intro to Phish) #
  • Just finished talking to Google about Google TV. Keynote piece will appear in Sun-Times tonight or early tomorrow. #
  • I envy the actors who got to play foppish Roman emperors in 60's epic films. It looks like that was a pretty fun gig. #
  • New on My take on Froyo, GoogleTV, Flash on mobile, and other stuff from the Google keynote » #
  • ALERT: Leno Horne movies on TCM all night long! #
  • I'm no expert…but I think this is bad marketing. #
  • Just bought my AA flight to San Francisco for WWDC. Now (oh dear) all we need is the announcement of an Apple keynote. #
  • New on Gramma’s Old Capture Album » #
  • I like Mike Rowe. I think I'm a good person. So WHY do I laugh hysterically at the DJ where he gets bitten repeatedly by snakes? #
  • Just installed Froyo on my Nexus One. I'm not deep in yet but I like what I see so far. #
  • I updated my N1 to Froyo easy as pie with these instructions from Android Central » #
  • Friday's lunch: a lovely Boston bento. >> #

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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-05-16

  • Back in NYC, heading to Penn Station. Taxi's progress blocked by Jennifer Hudson walking to make a point about some damn thing. #
  • Back home from MacMania 10. Final three additions to the Holsteins' Bermuda album are now on Flickr. » #
  • Recording MacBreak Weekly. Watch and listen live at #
  • It is your civic duty to occasionally be that person at the coffeeshop who stares out the window while listening to Johnny Cash. #
  • Zaftigs 10 Vegetable Soup: #
  • Zaftigs BBQ brisket sandwich with potato salad: #
  • Zaftigs chocolate chocolate cupcake: #
  • I miss the early days of "Mythbusters," when testing a myth required them to completely piss off their neighbors at the shop. #
  • They're now big enough that they don't have to build a chicken cannon in their parking lot; they can use a "real" test facility. #
  • Quick nerd alert: MIT Flea Market this Sunday. Photos: Details: #
  • It would take a while to clearly diagram out why I find this product and its packaging so disturbing. #

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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-05-09

  • Ship is now moving! I suppose I ought to Tweet before we leave AT&T's network and enter open waters of ostentatious lawlessness. #
  • Greetings from the MacMania 10 cruise. #
  • In Hamilton. This is not a Bermuda Apple Store…it's just an incredible simulation: #
  • LazyTweet: In Bermuda, what day is New Comics Day? And is there a good shop for comics? #
  • Answers, which I found here in Bermuda: The Comic Stop on 69 Front Street in Hamilton. Last week's comix arrive on Tues. Very nice place! #
  • Two new photos on Flickr: the Holsteins at Elbow Beach in Bermuda. » #
  • Today I did one of those things that Humankind does to tell God "You're not the boss of me!!!": I took my first SCUBA dive. Fab! #

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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-05-02

  • I'll be damned…the iPad works with USB microphones! #
  • Dammit. Posterous screwed up the upload. And this was supposed to be the EASY way for me to post my iPad audio demo! #
  • New on Yes, the iPad Camera Kit works with other USB devices! The (now working) audio proof: #
  • Recording MacBreak Weekly. Watch and listen live: #
  • I now have a tracking number for the iPad 3G I ordered in March. Very keen on testing the GPS. Follow-up review in the Sun-Times next week. #
  • Yesterday's AM appearance with @jbruin on NBC in San Diego, talking about Le Scandale: #
  • 45-minute interview with @danbenjamin, talking about Stuff In General. Thanks for the invite, Dan! #
  • As Brother Cadfael used to say, "I may have come late to the Order, but when I was called, I came…" #
  • In case you missed it: Jobs lays out Apple's pos. on Flash. "Mwah-ha-HA!" notably absent from discussion » #
  • iPad 3G in the house! Also, a tip for my Targus travel charger that works with my MiFi. But even this is edged out by the iPad. #
  • Setting up my new iPad 3G. First answer: yes, "Find My iPad" is a feature of MobileMe. #

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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-04-25

  • At the MIT Flea. A good day to pick up an Atari VCS…I've seen 4 so far (including 1 in the original box). #
  • Among the highlights of the MIT Flea so far: clean & fully loaded Apple ][+ system, & chassis for a communications satellite. #
  • Email from the Apple Store this AM, more or less assuring me that it hasn't forgotten its promise to ship the iPad 3G in April. #
  • This morning, Bostonians looked out the window and thought "What terrific weather for running! I think I'll watch some on tv." #
  • New on The Lost iPhone 4G gets more plausible. Plus, W.W.AI.D? » #
  • Quick clarification in response to Tweet replies: I'm not "calling out" Gizmodo. I just think there's a gap in their coverage. #
  • New on my Flickr stream: photos from yesterday's MIT Flea Market » #
  • Shuttle will be landing at about 9:08 AM Eastern time. Watch live on NASA TV » #
  • Just filed a ST story about the GizPhone thing. Managed to speak to a lot of people yesterday. Will Tweet the link when it's up. #
  • Getting set up for MacBreak Weekly. Watch and listen live at #
  • New on My followup on the iPhone 4 story. Interviews & new info leave me with ?s about Giz » #
  • Stop the clock: after 7 months, 27 days, 15 hours, and 27 minutes, the last Mac in my office has been updated to Snow Leopard. #
  • About to speak with Dan Benjamin and Gruber on – listen in. Last day of comments on the iPhone kerfuffle. #
  • Podcast with @danbenjamin and @gruber is now online » #
  • Watching #TCM one of my favorite "unknown" musical numbers: Nancy Walker with Tommy Dorsey and an all-milkman orchestra. #
  • The song in question: "Milkman, Keep Those Bottles Quiet" from 1944's "Broadway Rhythm" (via Amazon MP3) » #
  • "If we issue takedown notices, it'll end this problem forever. And there's no way it'll backfire on us." #
  • Incredible! iPhone hacked to DUAL BOOT Android!!! Buy that man an Outback Steak House gift card! » #
  • Video from the MIT Flea: A working (and LOUD) Cold War cipher machine, used by the lousy filthy Commies » #
  • Mechanics are like surgeons. When they take a seat next to you in the waiting room and lean close, you know it isn't going well. #
  • Hmm…the local feed cut away from Letterman at the start of Altman's Nixon story, returning hours later for the start of Hanson's number. #

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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-04-18

  • I had a swell dinner with @jimlee00 and his family last night. Words (and sketch!) on » #
  • I got ejected from the Boston Comicon. I guess my "convention center security guard cosplay" concept was way over their heads. #
  • (Joking about the "security guard" comicon costume. But I bet people have tried that…a very meta concept!) #
  • Conan goes to TBS! A smart, 21st-century move that proves that broadcast networks' TV dominance is over. #
  • The Opera Mini browser has been approved by Apple! Will appear in App Store within 24 hours. » #
  • Getting ready to record MacBreak Weekly. Watch and listen live at #
  • Holy cow. If this weeks MacBreak had gone on longer, I would have needed astronaut diapers. #
  • EMERGENCY ALERT for men and women who are into women: TCM is at this moment airing the HOTTEST moment in film, ever. #
  • (It is Cyd Charisse's number from "Deep In My Heart." Sexier than this, there isn't.) #
  • Video (without audio) is on YouTube. I think after this, Ms. Charisse's middle name was "Oh, my God." » #
  • At the Red Cross. About to do my first platelet donation relying on the iPad for distraction & entertainment. #
  • Apheresis needle is in. I am now using an iPad while bleeding. Is this an Apple first? #
  • Playing with my iPad while donating platelets at the Red Cross. As always, its smooth and painless. #
  • Apheresis machine making various Super Mario-like "level up" noises…meaning donation is complete. #
  • Quick reminder: Sunday is the first MIT Flea Market of the year! Photos » Details » #
  • A significant data point: a moment ago, I wanted to double-tap on a block of text in my desktop browser to zoom it. #
  • At last! The unhealthiest kiosk in the mall food court is now the worst cereal in the breakfast aisle! #
  • "Kellogg's Cinnabon cereal: It's Like A Tea Party Protest For Your Pancreas." #
  • Reminder to New England geeks: 1st MIT Flea Market of year is TOMORROW at 9 AM. Pix and info: #
  • My thoughts on Engadget's miraculous mysterious iPhone 4G photos (Summary: I don't buy it.) » #

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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-04-11

  • "Godspell" is only watchable if you pretend it's post-apocalyptic NYC & the holocaust drove these last few survivors to madness. #
  • (On the plus side it's cool to see early 70's NYC shot in its grubby beauty. Like "Taking Of Pelham 123" or "Taxi Driver".) #
  • Alert: "Easter Parade" starts on #TCM in five minutes. Astaire and Garland…starts with one of my fave Astaire numbers ever. #
  • Matias' iRizer laptop stand is proving to be one of my favorite iPad accessories. #
  • Good news: got my first full night's sleep in about a week, now that iPad coverage is done. Bad: Overslept for my 7:39AM flight #
  • Final bit of comedy before leaving: housesitter sees me grab iPad from table, says "Nuts! I was hoping you weren't taking that." #
  • I have the ipad on my tray table. Very comfy. This might be the first flight in coach in which i can actually write! #
  • Watched tonight's "Amazing Race" while in the air. JetBlue is the iPad of airlines. #thatsgottabegoodforafreeroundtrip #
  • So what was the first thing YOU tried with YOUR new iPad? Here's @jimlee00's: #
  • Ooooooooo…and here's a @jimlee00 Catwoman from his iPad. #
  • New on Apple unveils iPhone OS 4.0 this week? What does this mean for iPad? >> #
  • Here's a list of all of my public panels this week at the University of Colorado in Boulder. Do drop by. >> #
  • Currently finalizing notes for my talk about Twitter. Decided that I'm going to give tips and tricks for 10 minutes. #
  • CoWA: "Tweeting the Conference" #
  • Disregard that last tweet…it was supposed to include audio. #
  • On a panel about the death of the middle class. I am wisely choosing to let the Financial Times columnist do the talking. #
  • New on CoWA Day 1: Jennifer Connelly’s Breasts » #cwa2010 #
  • Getting ready to do MacBreak Weekly…via MiFi in Boulder! Watch live at #
  • Waiting for the jazz concert to start. I've way too much work to do & shouldn't be here. But it's always a star lineup. #cwa2010 #
  • Snow! I wanna play in the yard and make Geek Angels but I have to speak on *3* panels today. #cwa2010 #
  • "Supergeeks changing the world" panel went v.well. I spoke about Crazy Tech Billionaire projects. Loved other speakers' talks. #cwa2010 #
  • Quick note: I'll be speaking at the Colorado Mac User Group Thurs. night. Meeting is open! Details here: #
  • Next up at 1pm: "Intuition, Technology and Communication" with @ebertchicago and @edyson. VERY excited about this one. #cwa2010 #
  • My next panel (w/ @ebertchicago) is in The Big Room Wot Streams Live. Watch or listen at 1pm Mountain Time: #
  • Just enjoyed a very tranquil 90 minutes with my iPad playing my "Peaceful" playlist, filling the room with its built-in speaker. #
  • New on my Flickr: The Holsteins in Boulder. » #
  • Having an iPad and a MiFi at a party means not letting it drop when someone says "No, I haven't seen the 'Trololo Guy' video" #
  • Home after a 1AM redeye from Denver. Brain still urging me to hurry to my 9:30 #cwa2010 panel about somethingorother. #
  • Sitting in Panera, watching people stroll by. It's a shame they don't know how great they all look in this early-evening light. #
  • Okay. The WordPress app for the iPad app is officially a piece of total s***. Do not use it. It's lost this draft twice now. #
  • If this were a romcom, right now Adobe and Apple would be stranded somewhere funny, start fighting again, & suddenly make love. #

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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-04-04

  • Sitting in the back at @stepto's Xbox Enforcement panel at #PAX Keeping eyes peeled for @majornelson. #
  • Good meeting with my publisher thus morning. My iPad book finally has a title. Stay tuned! #
  • At most of the tech shows I cover, the audience at a feature preso are all uplit by their laptops. At #PAX it's 1000 DS's. #
  • This iPad book will be a soup-to-nuts guide. IPad Fully Loaded (shipping much later) will be a great companion to this one. #
  • A guy two rows down at the #PAX q&a is playing two stacked DS's simultaneously, like Jimmy Page on a double-necked guitar. #
  • I've been to hella lots tech shows and hella lotsa comix/pop culture shows. I tell you: #PAX is an _exceptionally_ well-run show #
  • A geeky show at the Hynes is always a pleasant bit of nostalgia. My dad brought me here for my 1st comp. show when I was 9ish. #
  • There aren't many places where you can see a guy dressed as Super Mario sing James Brown's "Sex Machine." #PAX is one of them. #
  • Just chatted with @majornelson for a half an hour. Extremely cool dude…I kept checking his shirt for an Apple logo. :) #
  • Blimey…just realized that a few days ago was my third anniversary as a Twitter user. That long? This must be obsolete tech! #
  • Will everybody PLEASE stop phoning the radio station in my head and requesting Rush's "Tom Sawyer"? It's getting annoying. #
  • …Honestly, people. It was the 103rd caller that was going to get the Coldplay tickets and I promise you they're LONG gone. #
  • I'm just a little bit bothered by how many of my Flickr photos are tagged "Breakfast." » #
  • Some people have so little joy in their lives that they have to try and rob you of yours. When they do, react with compassion. #
  • Boaters: consider The Lake That's Appeared At The Bottom Of Andy's Street for your next water recreation vacation destination. #
  • Uncanny! Minutes after we finish recording MacBreak, Apple releases iTunes 9.1! #
  • Dear PR person for $50 iPod speaker: Boy, did you pick a bad week to email a release entitled "Hottest new gadget of 2010" #
  • Yes, I am a very simple man: I am happy to learn that I now have a ride to the comic book store while I'm in Boulder next week. #
  • BZZZZT! iPad embargo is finally over! Yes, I've had an iPad for about a week now. Unboxing video coming very shortly. #
  • I'll also be on TWiT live in about an hour to talk about the iPad and show it off. Links to 90% of my Sun-Times coverage coming soon. #
  • Tune in to at around 10 PM…I'll be on live with my iPad. #
  • 10 PM Eastern Time at Will tweet when links to my pieces are live. #
  • My 1st of 5 iPad hands-on pieces is on! "Notebook, Netbook, iPad: Yes, It's A Real Computer" #
  • My iPad unboxing video: #
  • Try that YouTube link again. My #iPad unboxing vid should now be publicly viewable… #
  • On my way to NYC for iPad-related hijinx. With Amtrak flooded, I had to drive 90 minutes to board in New Haven! But it'll be worth it. #
  • ipad book page on an outdoor train platform: perfectly readable. #
  • Glare is a bigger problem than ambient light. But the screen is bright enough that it doesn't get in the way of reading. #
  • Friends, I've ridden trains without an iPad, and now I've ridden one With. I tell you: "with" is better. :) #
  • Off to check out the scene at the Apple Store on Fifth Avenue. #
  • Whew! There are 2 satellite trucks and a ropeline set up at the 5th Ave Apple store…but nobody foolish enough to camp out yet. #
  • I spent the morning at the @fastcompany office, helping them answer reader questions about the iPad. Watch: #
  • Be sure to watch Letterman tonight: Dave's got an iPad-themed Top 10 list. #
  • My main, detailed (6700 words!) iPad review is now in the hands of my editor. Pray for him, my friends… (will Tweet when it's online) #
  • I'll be online LIVE with @gruber, @jsnell & others on @ClaytonMorris' Strategy Room. 3ET – #
  • Living La iPad Vida Loca: just bought my Amtrak ticket home using the iPad, waiting in the visitor lobby at Fox. #
  • The Main Event: my in-depth hands-on iPad review is now up on Allll 6700 words of it! #
  • Lunch with @christophergurr at Ben Ash. The only way to eat at a New York deli and not die later is to share everything. #
  • As on Thursday, I am riding Amtrak and using my pre-release iPad. As on Thursday, nobody cares. :) #
  • Cool, we already have multiple Twitter clients for iPad. Trying TweetDeck…first time this app's concept actually appeals to me! #
  • Who else worries that tomorrow morning, 250,000 copies of the iPad App Store app will cry out at once, and then fall silent? #
  • Almost done setting up my iPad. I've had it for a 10 days but (for TV and demo purposes) I never put any of my own stuff on it! #
  • iPad Home Delivery Day. I have never seen so many of my iChat buddies available at 7:30 AM on a Saturday before in my life. :) #
  • RRGH. If I hear a TV person say "iPad doesn't multitask" again, I'll throw an egg. Yes, it _does._ #
  • New on a few comments on the iPad's multitasking, and Feature Porn. » #
  • A new Bravo show about parents with 9 kids who remodel homes? Uh-oh…lame basic-cable programming is starting to crossbreed… #

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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-03-28

  • Even ten years dead, Charles Schulz remains the gold standard of comic strip creators. » #
  • A Geek's Sign of Spring: I plug my phone into the car dock & notice the cable is soft & flexible instead of cold and stiff. #
  • A Geek's Sign of Spring, #2 I remember that's it's time to buy the new season's edition of MLB At Bat for my iPhone. #
  • Okay, now I hate MLB At Bat 2010: it's just told me that Houston has scored a run against the Sox in their first at-bats. #
  • "Mr. Speaker, nowhere does this health-care bill mention deep-sea fishing rights…" #
  • Hey, the Speaker is gaveling with the skinny end of the hammer. Did he just UN-pass the healthcare bill? #
  • The healthcare bill has already improved the lives of Americans: it's knocked Justin Bieber off of the "Trending Topics" list. #
  • One fewer of them, one more of *us*: I'm about to take one of my Worthy and Deserving Aunts to the Apple Store to buy a MacBook. #
  • Watching "Colbert Report" and cringing. Interviewee doesn't know that trying to be as funny as Colbert never, EVER works. #
  • Getting set up for MacBreak Weekly. Watch live at #
  • Man alive, is it ever raining. It's like the final act of "Unforgiven" out here. #
  • Is anyone using AOL dialup in Snow Leopard? AOL says its app works, but a forum message on Apple Support says no. #
  • I'm actually disappointed that I won't get to configure a PPP connection manually…second only to SLIP servers as a source of nostalgia. #
  • (Another Apple support forum message suggests that AOL dialup will work under 10.6 using a previous beta of the AOL app) #
  • Zaftigs appetizer: vegetarian chili. #
  • Zaftigs main course: Cobb salad. #
  • This street performer was prob. unaware this is the week the city is filled with delegates from the Guild of Apathetic Idlers. #
  • Now on Suntimes: my 6 Rules for safely using a smartphone in your car. #7 Don't use it as a makeup mirror. #
  • (Tip #8 don't read this column until after you've pulled into the driveway.) #
  • Seeing "Up" for the first time. God-damnit, Pixar…you've made me cry three times before 6 AM. That ain't fair. #
  • Got to the ending of "Up." So that's FOUR times. Go to hell, Pixar. :) #
  • I'm going to be on Clayton Morris' "Gadgets and Games" show at 3 PM Eastern. Watch live: #
  • This train has the coolest conductor. He looks like the sort of undercover assassin M warns 007 about during a mission briefing. #
  • Watching a bit of "The Hustler." I think a smart man would rather be as cool as Jackie Gleason than as handsome as Paul Newman. #
  • My appearance on @ClaytonMorris' "Gadgets and Games" show yesterday is now online! #
  • Am currently one block from #PAX and closing fast. Finally! #
  • At #PAX Reminding myself that at a geek con, most people dressed as Jay or Silent Bob aren't cosplaying. #
  • What was going to be 2 or 3 hours at #pax turned into an hour or two of lunch with Scott Kurtz & pals. An excellent upgrade. #
  • Thought from #PAX I bet I could win a sword duel to the death, if my foe were armed with a 5'x1' slab of foam on a broom handle. #
  • Have belatedly realized that from the waist up, I was accidentally cosplaying Indiana Jones (fedora, jacket, shirt, satchel). #
  • Good, I can sneak back in to #PAX on Sunday afternoon. Hoping to bump into @majornelson and chat about Natal. #

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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-03-21

  • If there's some job you don't want to do today, tell them "I did it. But you can't tell, 'cuz the hour I did it in disappeared." #
  • New on The Ambitious Dilettante’s Guide To WordPress Site Design » #
  • A tip for Australians: Americans are willing to buy a US iPad and mail it to you in exchange for beer. » #
  • New podcast ep up: talking with @ScottBourne about our iPad purchases. #
  • Setting up for MacBreak Weekly. Watch and listen live at #
  • MacBreak going into extra innings…normally we'd have been done a half an hour ago. We're having extra fun today. :) #
  • We're paying much tribute to Jerry Lewis…today's his BIRRRRTHH-DAYYYYYYflavin!!!!!!!!!! #
  • MacBreak show is OVER, at 2 hours, 13 minutes! I speculate that there's a _certain_ amount of brilliance that can be safely excised. #
  • And so, Lord Andy proclaimed "Let the front door be thrown wide, and the screen installed in the storm door thereupon!" #
  • Now I know why I don't publsh many intrviews. The voices in my head are MUCH easier to transcribe than the voices on a recorder. #
  • Simple but handy Mac player/word processor for transcribing interviews: #
  • I'm an idiot; of _course_ Scrivener also has a built-in transcription feature. It's the word processor that tries hard to be USEFUL! #
  • "Damn! JD Salinger died before he told anyone what he thought of 'Raiders Of The Lost Ark'!" Not so fast… #
  • Whew! 7500 words of transcribed & edited DC and Marvel Comics interviews are now in the hands of my poor, suffering editor. #
  • I know that tonight's "Office" was shot on greenscreen because the camera is trying too hard to prove it isn't on greenscreen. #
  • My big piece on the future of digital comic books, inc./Marvel & DC interviews, is now on » #
  • Grr. Making a minor tweak to comix column: realize it sounds like I'm saying "DC isn't even putting together a strategy," which isn't true. #
  • You know, I was a proud, confident man before I spent the evening trying to install alpha apps on simulated hardware… #
  • Happy Birthday, Mr. Rogers. Here's his gift to us, something we all should hear from time to time: #
  • Black shoes, pants, belt, golf shirt, sweater. Oh, dear. Once again I've left the house dressed as "Father Andy." #
  • Details aren't locked…but it _looks_ like I've got things worked out for a Boulder, CO Tweetup during the first week in April. #
  • Restaurant Week: appetizer. #
  • Restaurant Week, entree: Polenta. #
  • Restaurant Week -Dessert: olive oil cake dressed with yogurt. #
  • Dinner was at Lineage in Coolidge Corner. It's Restaurant Week in Boston: many luxe joints w/discount menus #

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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-03-14

  • Sitting in the parking lot at the Red Cross, "sugaring up" with a Heritage Dr. Pepper before my platelet donation. #
  • Good news: BP and temp are normal (120/83 & 98.9). Bad: I forgot I can't take aspirin 48 hrs before donating. Reskedded for next week. #
  • Have just made my SECOND iPad-related hardware purchase: a Pogo Sketch stylus. #
  • New on : OscarBlog 2010: The Pause Of Inference #
  • I'll be obsessively and nerdifically liveblogging the Oscars. Just refresh this page on #
  • Just a reminder: I'm loveblogging the Oscars on » #
  • Yes, LOVEBLOGGING. I LOVE the Oscars. #
  • ALERT to all men and women who love women: TCM is running Cyd Charisse movies all day today. THIS IS NOT A DRILL. #
  • To those who might have missed it: my liveblog from last night's Oscars is on » #
  • Just finished a phone interview with @jimlee00 and John Rood about DC Comics' digital directions. After dinner there will be much typing. #
  • My job isn't like yours. I mean, today, did you open a FedEx box and find yourself wondering why Geek Squad sent you beef jerky? #
  • First workday with the office windows open. I feel like birds will flitter in and hand me the DVD-R I need, like I'm Snow White. #
  • Stupid damned Skype has locked up on me…desperately trying to fix for the show!!! #
  • The irony is, i cant force quit it while TWiT is calling me, & they won't stop calling because I should have been there 10 min ago! #
  • Okay, now switching to A WHOLE NEW COMPUTER. But I'm sure it has nothing to do with Skype being a total piece of ****. #
  • Finally starting MacBreak. Boy do I hate Skype. Few apps are this successful but this unreliable. #
  • On My prep for the iPad, and how sketch apps and the Pogo Stylus are newly-relevant to me. » #
  • A small plate of soft cheeses after midnight? On a weekday? One of the many, many advantages of swingin' bachelorhood, m'friend. #
  • Well! *I* just spent a lot of money. How about you guys? #
  • (Yes…I just spent $900 on a 72 master cases of Marshmallow Peeps, all colors. Wait, was there something else this morning?) #
  • New on Which iPad did I buy? The fascinating process, revealed. » #
  • The most important bit from this morning's piece: you'd need a VERY good reason to buy an iPad sight-unseen. I sure do. Do you? #
  • Check out's iPad pages — lots of details. #
  • "…And you can add free ePub titles to iTunes and sync them to the iBooks app on your iPad." Hooray! #
  • The implication is that ePub files will sync via iTunes just like any other kind of media (or maybe via a simple folder operation) #
  • Now in the hands of my Sun-Times editor: seven neat bits of news I got from Apple's new iPad pages. Will Tweet a link when it's up. #
  • Now on My fave 7 new details about the iPad, based on Apple's new product pages » #
  • Apparently, tonight is "Sing Elton John Songs Like Paul Williams Night," according to my brain. #
  • I say this with sincerity: "Jackass 2" isn't a better movie than "Network," but it has a much smarter and more solid ending. #
  • CSS design would be a less irritating if it DIDN'T turn out that the root of every baffling problem was a dumb mistake I made. #

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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-03-07

  • Watching the Olympics closing ceremonies. For one magical night, everyone in the whole world was named "Gord." #
  • Dining with @muskrat_john in Wisconsin. Yes, cheese was a feature component in every course. #
  • The conference presented me with a big box of local WI artisan cheeses before my departure. WELL PLAYED, conference! #
  • New photoset on Flickr: The Holsteins in Wisconsin » #
  • Quick, join The Ebert Club before Roger raises his rates in April. Even non-Eberts are welcome (for now) » #
  • Watching "Hello, Dolly." One of my fave and most fascinating "great potential, but it just doesn't work at all" flicks. #
  • My Feb. detox from writing Apple or Google news ends with a 3000-word piece about the iPad, soon to be sent to my editor. Whoof. #
  • Before this gets out of hand: it's NOT a review of the iPad and I have NOT touched an iPad since January. #
  • New on Six things about the iPad that worried me a month ago, but no longer. >> #
  • Just interviewed @TomBrevoort and Ira Rubenstein for a column. Maintained my 20yr streak of being surprised my recorder worked. #
  • Whoops, no, the Old Fashioned wasn't invented there but they do them quite nicely. #
  • To a freelancer, 4:45 on a Fri. is when you see if you can play The Price Is Right's "It's a new washer-dryer!" theme on the uke. #
  • Just found I'll be on a panel with @ebertchicago at @cwaboulder. I'll photo the audience & later claim it's my usual fan turnout. #
  • How do I record phone interviews off my iPhone? Well, it's highly technical… #
  • New on : Scott Kurtz' LOLBat gets a sidekick #
  • I picked Mitch Seavey in my (self-employed) office Iditarod pool. Am sitting by computer in a foam hat shaped like a snow hook. #
  • Doing a lot of housecleaning. I just found a few business cards with my old FidoNet email address on it. My FIDONET address! #

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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-02-28

  • Another Amazon MP3 offer that says "Don't think, just buy": 22 classic Sinatra tracks for $2.99 » #
  • OK, one week post-Macworld and I'm willing to call it: Purell and paranoia officially protected me from another Convention Flu. #
  • I instituted a new music library policy today: when a CD attains Double Plus Love Status, I re-rip it as Apple Lossless. #
  • Finally catching up on the season premiere of the new Amazing Race, so I can watch the SECOND episode tonight. Giddy-worthy TV! #
  • Finished watching the "Amazing Race" premiere. Underscored the fabulous, producer-proof unpredictability of the Racers' actions! #
  • Even an in over-the-air analog standard def, the worst ep of "Amazing Race" would beat the best "Survivor" in digital HD. :) #
  • Always an emotional moment: winners on podium, hearing their nat'l anthem, wearing medals, clutching lush, majestic Chia Pets. #
  • Countless moms are now telling their kids "Fine. If one of the comics I threw out becomes THAT valuable, I'll pay you the $1M." #
  • Setting up tabs, windows, and beverages for recording of MacBreak Weekly. Watch live » #
  • Shots like this keep me in awe of @scottbourne's bird photography » #
  • Geek High Finance: just traded a tubful of 10-y.o. Star Wars Episode 1 merch for lots of store credit at my regular comic shop. #
  • Richard Dawkins has his Shatner-esque "Get a life!" moment with his fan community >> #
  • Resolved: Story concept "Little girl from classic children's book returns to that world as an adult" is now a boring cliché. #
  • Zaftigs soup of the day: a gumbo-style spicy jambalaya. #
  • Zaftigs pastrami and Swiss. A SENSIBLE sized deli sandwich! #
  • Dessert: super-delicious rice pudding. It's rice…it must be good for you. #
  • Getting ready for a live Skype appearance on Fox News "Gadgets And Games" with @claytonmorris. Live from 3-4 EST #
  • A shot of crowd at Olympics leaves me thnkng there can't be many places where you can buy a foam hat shaped like a curling stone. #
  • I love and fear the Internet: (Thanks, @thisisjacksdad!) #
  • One of my fave "King Of The Hill"s is on now. "Won't You Pimai Neighbor?" explains why lazy writing on other shows frustrate me. #
  • Finished a last-minute column for the Sun. edition. Getting the last sentence was like getting a dog to give me back the stick. #
  • Watching Craig Ferguson. I'm 60% sure that Quentin Tarantino is slowly turning into Jon Lovitz. #
  • And then I heard myself grumbling "Crimeny. This Catholic church has *no excuse* for not having a website. It's 2010!" #

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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-02-21

  • New on City Lights is not a real bookstore » #
  • I love it when people claim that recent blizzards disprove global climate change. Idiots are usually MUCH tougher to spot. #
  • (This isn't controversial: one week of bad weather is as significant a data sample as the belch of an eyelash mite.) #
  • 1 scientist in history discoverd somethng that was easy to explain, had clear implications, and was 100% right: Superman's dad. #
  • At Comic Relief in Berkeley. Loving its new location…freaking huge, this place is. #
  • On a trusted friend's strong recommendation…I am buying the first issues of "Blackest Night." Okay, Rich…! #
  • Downloading yesterday's WinPhone7Series3000alacticaClear intro videos for travel viewing. Quick demo looks v.nice…pretty UI. #
  • Sacramento Tweeps: I'm speaking at MacNexus tonight at 7 PM. Do stop by! Details here » #
  • Setting up for MacBreak Weekly. I am doing the show from the forest moon of Endor this week. #
  • Riding Amtrak to Sacramento for my talk at MacNexus tonight. What a dope I was for initially wanting to rent a car for this. #
  • At the MacNexus meeting in Sacramento. Nice turnout and nice people. Oh, and free cookies. #
  • New on : Time For Go To Home #
  • New on Time For Go To Home » #
  • 66 degrees in Sacramento…gorgeous weather but I'm leaving for home today. Have been living out of my laptop bag since Sunday! #
  • Touchdown, Boston! Good to see snow again after a week of miserably beautiful spring weather in San Francisco. #
  • I don't know what pleased me most about my JetBlue flight. Probably the fact that our pilot's name was actually "Captain Over." #
  • New on – My first take on Windows Mobile Series Seven Phone System Phone OS for Seven, 7.0 » #
  • I awake after a 4hr, post-redeye-flight nap. I feel like grabbing destiny in both hands. Yes! I shall start watching DVR'd TV. #
  • Quick Flickr photoset: the Holsteins in San Francisco » #
  • I love the snowboarders. They're the only Olympians who seem to be having fun, win or lose. They get up from a fall, smiling. #
  • You can KEEP your stupid Dewars Profile: ***I've*** been interviewed by the Tactical Pants Blog! » #
  • Honestly, @Seagate. Your support site and forms would save me time if it just said "We have no intention of honoring warranties." #
  • "Forbidden Planet" is just starting up over on TCM. #
  • Experiencing the horror of pulling into commuter rail garage at a terrific point in audiobook, w/no headphones for rest of trip! #

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