Why ALMANAC #2 is super-crazy-late

Thanks, everyone, for your wonderful reaction to the first episode of my new podcast, “Almanac“!

It’s intended to be (and will be) a weekly-ish show. So why has it been a month already and now Show #0002?

While Almanac isn’t going to be an “Andy spouts off about what’s on his mind at the moment” show (well, not primarily, anyway), I feel like the next show has to focus on my reactions to the election. Because, truth be told, I’ve been thinking about little else.

The stickler, though, is that my feelings keep on changing. The disgust and shock and deep concern for the future of my country are constants. But the way those feelings want to come out seems to change, week to week. No joke: I’ve been sitting down to write down what I want to say. I’ve made four different starts and written 9,000 words.

But the only way to get past that episode is to get through it. I’ll disregard the desire to do it perfectly and focus on just doing it.

Maybe I’ll make it Show #0003. And Show #0002 will me getting drunk and reading “A Christmas Carol.” Lord knows I could use both alcohol and fine, aspirational thinking right about now.

In the meantime, here’s a video compilation of Adorable Baby Elephants Doing Adorable Things. Sometimes, it’s valuable to just affirm that your ability to smile and laugh at something is still intact, despite 2016’s determination to unseat that card out of its slot on your motherboard.

7 thoughts on “Why ALMANAC #2 is super-crazy-late

  1. John

    Thanks for the update. Are the penultimate and ultimate episodes of your 5by5 podcast (mentioned on the 10/19/16 episode) also still on the radar?

  2. Jess Lantz

    Thought maybe you abandoned the podcast . Kept looking for it. With no sucess. Finally looked your blog up and found this post. Enjoy your dialog immensely.

  3. Jeff

    Please, please, please stay away from politics. I like it when you are an escape from politics and I actually stopped listening to your last podcast when you started veering into those topics! It has invaded your Twitter and you find little ways of sneaking it into the shows you do.

    You are a great tech writer, observer of geekery and photographer. There is so much to master, to share, to learn in those areas. Give us more than that! There are a billion other observers of politics out there. Let them cover it.

  4. John

    I appreciate hearing Andy’s views on politics when he takes a philosopher’s approach and stays out of the weeds. I think this is usually what he does. I think it’s fair disclosure to the listeners when he tips his hat to his own biases, but he doesn’t usually dwell there. I think he strives for intellectual honesty even when he finds it personally challenging, at least that’s been my experience.

  5. Christopher K

    Just get it done Andy. No point in waiting; you’re feelings are going to be different again in a week, and then in a month. Make your peace and move on.

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