From my Flickr: “Triborough Bridge From The Cheap Seats”

This photo is almost four years old. I shot it from the window of my Amtrak train home one June day in 2012.

I spotted it again when I was doing some housecleaning on an old drive. I just dragged it into Aurora HDR to see what I could do with it.

Digital photography is endlessly interesting because it’s not just the cameras that keep getting better. I probably took this photo as far as I could back in 2012, but a 2016 app let me take it farther.

Sometimes I think about photographers who threw out boxes and boxes of old slides upon pulling them out of storage discovering that the colors had shifted. In 1983 it was unrecoverable damage, but today, even the free app that comes with your phone can fix it.

See it here:

3 thoughts on “From my Flickr: “Triborough Bridge From The Cheap Seats”

  1. Neil Laubenthal

    So how do you like Aurora HDR? I’ve already got Photomatix Pro and have toyed with the demo of Aurora…but haven’t found it to be better enough to make buying it worthwhile…but maybe I’m missing something?

  2. Philip Shane

    Gorgeous. That’s amazing how you could go back and refresh it that way. I love the blaze of the little electronic sign on the bridge. Very Blade Runner.

  3. Ihnatko Post author

    I love Aurora HDR. It feels more like a general “improve this photo” app…I’m frequently throwing single frames at it, just for its controls.

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