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I’m experimenting with a new operational protocol when I’m using my bike. If I don’t think I’ll cause anyone any bother by walking it into a coffeeshop or whatever, I’ll save myself the bother of locking it up outside.

It seemed to make particular sense at the supermarket yesterday. I’m just another shopper pushing a wheeled thing with a wire basket, right? Via Instagram:

3 thoughts on “From my Instagram

  1. Medhini

    I dont think so because the bike wheels would be much dirtier than the wheels of the supermarket cart. So for hygiene reasons i dont think it is advisable.

  2. Dave

    Medhini you’re a buzzkill.

    Andy, glad to see you have the essentials of life – Diet Dr. Pepper, Bread and Green Beans!

  3. Robert

    You’d be surprised at the number of people who react to “inside bicycles” as if they are hazmat or something. Oh, the horrors.

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