From my Flickr: “Sweet Ride”

I started my search for a new bicycle with The Sweethome’s excellent roundup of commuter/fitness bikes. After a few days of further research from other sources, I took their top pick for a test ride and liked it so much that I ended the hunt right there.

But if I’d walked into the bike shop and said "I want the kind of bike that looks good with a bell up front and a basket in the back" I think they would have still would have steered me towards the Trek 7.2 FX. This is definitely the style of bike that the vicar in a Masterpiece Theater period drama would use to get around the village.

See it here:

4 thoughts on “From my Flickr: “Sweet Ride”

  1. David Newhall

    How about some fenders, flasher to replace that rear reflector, and a pair of REI folding shopping panniers?

  2. Ihnatko Post author

    I’m considering fenders (but I don’t intend to ride it in the wet until I have a few hundred miles on it…plus, for God’s sake haven’t I spent enough money yet?). I do have LED flashers front and back.

    Panniers are another possible future purchase. I like the simple “throw your stuff in the truck” concept of the rear basket. But I’ve had to learn to respect what a bag of groceries does to the bike’s balance.

  3. David McDonald

    Hi Andy,
    Just been listening to your Almanac Podcast and enjoying your tales of derring-do on the new bike (and it does indeed look like a sweet ride).

    ‘A Health to Wear’ as my granny used to say ?

    Am a fond cyclist myself, though not done much lately in the winter weather here, but thought you may like to see a bike I used last two summers. These are hired electric assist bikes from the Drumcliff area (W.B. Yates is buried there!) on the west of Ireland. We’ve holidayed there for years and done all kinds of outdoors activities, but these bikes are excellent. They’re heavy beasts, but have powerful electric assists with three output settings, like gears, so hills were never a problem. As the usual driver for daily outings I only had snatched glimpses of the wonderful scenery (until we arrived at our destination), but on a bike I could see, and photograph, lots more. Last year we cycled around Lough Gill, just outside Sligo town – an incredibly scenic route. Plus there’s the added bonus of stopping off for a Guinness (’cause, no car) on the way.
    The rental company also have off-road versions with huge tyres, I can’t wait to try those this coming summer.
    (hope the photo embeds work!)

    If you’re ever back in Ireland you gotta see the west coast!

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