MacBreak Weekly show 485: “Oi To The World!”

MacBreak Weekly 485

Another great show with Jim Dalrymple. We’re lucky that he’s been available for the show so frequently.

Let’s see. We talked about that rumor of Apple buying GoPro. Rene talked some more about Apple’s Smart Battery Case (the shape isn’t a bulge, it’s a feature). Apple Music is now compatible with Sonos, which as you might imagine led to some Cheerful Discussion about Apple Music. MacKeeper proved not to be a good custodian of its users’ personal data, so we wound up talking about cleanup utilities in general.

We also got to talking about Christmas music. The show title came from my eager recommendation: “Oi To The World”, a frisky little punk/ska tune I first heard as a cover by No Doubt on a holiday compilation, years ago:

My Pick of the Week deserves a little mention. I picked the Ring video doorbell, which I got in the office a week ago and have been playing with for a future review. It’s good stuff.

I didn’t believe it was a controversial pick. After the show, I saw that a live viewer had Tweeted his displeasure:

Apparently, Ring is sponsoring some of TWiT’s other shows, and this person thought my choosing it as a pick was a problem.

Well, I quickly assured him that I’d no idea that the company was sponsoring anything, and I’d picked it for the same reasons I pick anything: I liked it and it was at hand on Monday, when I start thinking about what I’m going to recommend on Tuesday. TWiT has never applied even the most homeopathic amount of influence on our picks. They typically don’t even know about it until we’re deep into the recording of the show, which is when we often remember to, oh right, paste in the relevant links so that MacBreak’s producers can have the website or videos ready to roll when we start talking about ‘em.

I still keep advertiser relationships at long arm’s length. I never participate in ad reads on any of the three shows I host because I don’t know what happens when I use that same editorial voice to read sponsored ad copy.

I underscore “I don’t know.” If anything, the fact that other hosts I respect do it makes me wonder if I’m just overthinking it.

It’s not a big problem with podcasts, but it could be an issue if I ever decide to flip certain switches and try to generate some revenue from my blog. Again, people I respect insert sponsored text in their RSS feeds and blogs. It’s not, objectively, an ethical problem. If I’m ever presented with an opportunity to make X dollars a month via (clearly labeled) sponsorship items, I’m going to have to spend a few days sitting in the lotus position underneath a waterfall, meditating.

5 thoughts on “MacBreak Weekly show 485: “Oi To The World!”

  1. Witold

    Good day one-sided-friendship Andy,

    Just want to point out in a friendly manner, before someone does it in a less friendly manner, that you actively participate in the Ad-read of Audible. You have mentioned on many occasions that you PAY for Audible, but that might not be clear on this blog.


  2. Philip Shane

    Just watched the new MacBreak. Agreed, Jim Dalrymple is sooo great to have on the show.

    Btw, Leo immediately said, very clearly, that Ring is a sponsor, at the start and end, very emphatically, saying you didn’t know, and you also say more than once that you didn’t know. The critical person’s comment was pretty harsh anyway, but when you see the show it makes even less sense. Your integrity still rings true.

  3. Jonathan

    Andy, I wish you would have ads/sponsored content on your blog. I think it’s analogous to your wanting to pay developers for their apps. You appreciate them and get value from their work, so you want them to have the support to keep developing. We who are your admirers and fans know you would never have an advertiser on your blog that you didn’t believe in.

    Also, I wish you had an Amazon affiliate link on your blog. That way when I buy something I could be giving you a small “thank you” at the same time.

  4. Ihnatko Post author

    Yeah, I do participate in our infrequent Audible ads, fair to mention. But technically, I don’t do the ad reads. Leo asks me if I’ve read any interesting books and I love the excuse to burble on and on about a book I’ve recently read and loved.

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