Balancing my diet


For my Thanksgiving dinner last week, I bought a pumpkin pie and a can of aerosol whipped cream. Because pumpkin pie is my favorite. And I’m not going to denigrate fans of Cool Whip, but come on…Reddi Wip is the Jiffy Pop of the dessert table. 

I ran out of pie before I ran out of Reddi Wip. So last night, I bought another small pumpkin pie. Because “waste not want not,” right?

But now I have three quarters of a pie, and I’m out of Reddi Wip. So, if I don’t want to waste the pie, I probably have to go buy more Reddi Whip, don’t I? 

I believe I’m trapped in what is known as a “Delicious Circle.”

5 thoughts on “Balancing my diet

  1. Rebecca

    I am sure you are well aware that most people are quite happy to experience pumpkin pie without ReddiWip, and I perfectly understand the quirks of personal dietary favorites. So I will only remind you that ReddiWip is fabulous with a great many of other things that you can use to finish off your next can with. I love it on strawberries, myself, but I would put it on any number of things, including warm pastries and pancakes/waffles. Still a delicious cycle, but perhaps one that can more easily be broken.

    Otoh, why break the cycle at all? That shit stays good in the fridge for a fairly long time.

  2. Rebecca

    But to whom? That would be extraordinarily weird with anyone but closest friends and family. Imagine if a neighbor came to your door offering you a half used can of a food item.

    And, strangely enough, ReddiWip itself isn’t that bad. It has a surprisingly low sugar content. Usually, what it’s used *on* is the bigger culprit. So it can actually be used as incentive to buy fruit you might not normally think of. Or if you’re going to be having waffles anyway…

  3. Ihnatko Post author

    What kind of a man would I be if I passed my own burden onto another? Plus, I wouldn’t have any whipped cream for my salad.

  4. Jan Landy

    I LOVE ReddiWhip. I buy it at Costco or Sam’s club in the 3 pack for $9. I find I go through them in a week. You are a wise man Andy Ihnatko.

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