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Tim Cook: Apple CEO on the company’s latest venture – the iPad Pro:

The iPad Pro is the most expensive tablet yet, £679 and up. At a time when iPad sales are flat, was he tempted to do as some competitors have done and released, say, a £50 tablet?

“No, there are no good £50 tablets. We’ve never been about making the most, we’ve been about making the best. This was a way of making a product that people can do a lot of things with. I think it will attract a lot of PC users and people who are not currently using Apple products. And I think it will be a reason for people to upgrade who love iPad and who have been waiting for something very different and now here it is.”

(Via The Independent.)

Oh, and high school trombone players have a new role model:

“When I was younger I played the trombone and I just remember turning the pages. The score always got dog-eared and was perched on a music stand which was invariably terrible. It would fall over or pages would go flying.”

There are (who knew?) wireless foot pedals which can automatically turn the onscreen pages for you, it turns out. So would this new app be enough to rekindle the Apple CEO’s passion for playing a musical instrument? “Well, I think I’m the only person who could listen to me do that.”

Actually, if Tim decided to release a trombone album with all the proceeds going to a worthy charity (something that promotes STEM education, say) I’d buy a couple of copies. Wouldn’t you?

5 thoughts on “Tim Cook on the iPad Pro: | The Independent

  1. Chris Walsh

    The new iPad Pro would be just about the right size for displaying a page of music. I’ve tried it using my iPad mini, but at playing distance (I play cello), it’s just a little too small.

    Get that trombone out, Tim. It’s never too late! I have to believe you live in a place big enough that your nearest neighbours aren’t going to suffer unduly (as to your own suffering, that’s another question!)

  2. Barron

    I like your post, but the last paragraph stuck out to me. You don’t really need to wait for Tim Cook to release a trombone album in order to make a donation to a worthy charity…

  3. Ihnatko Post author

    Very true! Sometimes a “novelty” charity drive attracts money beyond what you’ve already budgeted for charitable donations, to worthy recipients that aren’t yet on your radar.

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