Peanuts Archive Debut – Comics by comiXology

Peanuts Archive Debut – Comics by comiXology:

Today, more than 30 Charles Schulz’ Peanuts collections published by Fantagraphics are now available on comiXology.

The New York Times bestselling series, The Complete Peanuts, has sold over half a million copies of the print edition in North America. In anticipation for The Peanuts Movie debuting November 6th, comiXology is offering the entire Fantagraphics Peanuts catalog digitally – including Snoopy Vs. The Red Baron, a close tie-in to the major motion picture. 

Very few press releases get me so excited that I just cut and paste something from it. But oh, boy! Every single Peanuts strip ever published, all on your iPad! That’s nearly fifty years of iconic comics!

I’ve been buying every volume of Fantagraphics “Complete Peanuts” as soon as each has been released. The penultimate one (volume 24, 1997-1998) arrives at the house over the weekend. I was happy to get it, but also a little sad. Because, you know…only one more left to go.

I’m posting this from a short stopover on my flight to LA. The sooner I post this, the sooner I can buy a volume of the Sunday strips and see if I can download it all to my iPad before they close the cabin doors.