First Post from THE FUTURE!

This is a boring post that will do nothing to enhance your understanding of the world or the amount of joy you experience in it. So, a typical tee shot from your correspondent.

It’s a little bit remarkable from this end, however. I’m writing and posting this with the iPhone 6 Plus. Hey! Cool! New iPhone! Yes, that would almost be enough. But I’ve also got a vintage ThinkOutside Stowaway folding Bluetooth keyboard hooked up to it.

Ever since learning that — wonder of wonder, miracle of miracles! — Apple was making a real, Android-style BIG phone, I’ve been itching to see if it could fill the role of “that writing tool that I always carry with me.” Typically, I throw at least an iPad into a bag every time I leave the house for any real amount of time. Because sometimes, you just gotta write, you know?

Also, sometimes you Just Gotta Go To A Meeting and then dash off a column about what you learned and file it with your editor before you go home. This is another scenario in which I wish I had something I could pull out of my pocket that could give me the full Ford Prefect Field Researcher And Reporter experience.

The screen’s certainly big enough to handle the job. But what about the keyboard? No way. I can’t type at length on a sheet of glass and dictating into speech-to-text is socially awkward, particularly if I’m trying to sneak in a little work during time I’d otherwise be wasting during a relative’s wedding service.

Therefore I’ve been taking a look at pocketable mechanical keyboards. I bought an iWerkz folding keyboard from Amazon last week. It works nice, and it’s no larger than the iPhone 6 Plus itself when folded. The keys are a little short, though, and there’s a gap in the middle of the key bed to accommodate the hinge.

“Oh, if only the ThinkOutside Stowaway bluetooth keyboard were still for sale!” moaned I. Fortunately, I moaned this on a podcast and a listener happened to have one of these decade-old accessory kicking around a closet, begging for a new home.

It is the bees’ knees on sliced bread, wearing the cat’s pajamas.

Expect a full accounting in video and text form in the near future. Right now, I just wanted to see if I could write at length with this setup.

It’s a delicate balance, trying to find a screen and a keyboard that enable creativity. I’m pleased to discover that the iPhone 6 Plus screen is big enough that I quickly stop being impressed that I’m writing on a phone, and the Stowaway is pretty much a standard laptop keyboard. It has its quirks, but like the size of this screen, my brain quickly decides to move past them and just turn on the taps of genius.

The only disappointment thus far is in WordPress. I tried logging in through the web client, but there doesn’t seem to be a way to make a new post. I see a button for it, eventually, but tapping it does nothing.

So I downloaded WordPress’ own house-labeled iOS client. It seems to be working. But! I’m forced to rotate the iPhone 6 Plus into portrait mode and early on, it refused to scroll. Hmph.

An earlier experiment with Google Docs went without a hitch. Hooray!

But iOS, at one point, refused to make the onscreen keyboard go away. Boo. But I seem to have figured out how to make it go away (by tapping the new — ugh — emoji button to reveal extended keyboard options, tapping the onscreen “delete” key, then replacing what I typed with the Bluetooth keyboard. Apparently this gave iOS the required kick in the pants. I’m still looking for a manual “hide the keyboard” command that ought to be in iOS.

Anyway! So this post was like me, working in my garage, with the garage door open, and you get to see me sanding the old paint off of a flea-market dresser and occasionally cursing.

And this is the moment when the dog you were walking pulls at the leash and reminds you that you were meant to be letting him discover things with interesting smells in the neighborhood.

Now let’s see if posting this works. Push the button, Frank…