“The Overprotected Kid” – via The Atlantic

[blockquote source=”\”The Overprotected Kid\” – via The Atlantic“]If a 10-year-old lit a fire at an American playground, someone would call the police and the kid would be taken for counseling. At the Land, spontaneous fires are a frequent occurrence. The park is staffed by professionally trained “playworkers,” who keep a close eye on the kids but don’t intervene all that much. Claire Griffiths, the manager of the Land, describes her job as “loitering with intent.”[/blockquote]


Where I grew up, there was a creek with an abandoned old wooden truck bed. You could leave it as-is and pretend it was a boat or a chariot or a landspeeder. If you flipped it on its side, it became a shelter or a clubhouse. There was a forest about a mile’s walk away with a pond that had snakes and fish and bugs. I once disturbed a wasps’ nest and got stung three times. Cried all the way home. It was all pretty awesome.