iPhone 5 Photo Quiz – Part 4


Finally — at least as far as these little Quizzes are concerned — is my test of low-light performance. This feller is in a shadowy corner of an unlit hallway.


As before, none of these have been modified in any way, apart from a crop. Oh, and: apparently I was careless and only used four cameras on this. But I promise you that one of these four was shot with an iPhone 5.

Which is your favorite?

Which one was shot with an iPhone 5?

22 thoughts on “iPhone 5 Photo Quiz – Part 4

  1. Andriana

    I believe the iPhone 5 photo is #2. The oddly cool color pallet seems like a mix of a dark photograph with a lighter one. I actually like the depth this photo shows with the warm highlights and cool shadows. But the photo that captures the bust best is the bottom right, it looks like it was taken with the lights on. You can even see the colors and details from the wallpaper behind the bust.

  2. Jay Horsley

    By now it is obvious that Andy is trolling us. In all of these viewed on my iPhone 4s, I only seen one unacceptable picture (#5 of first set) and couple of others that can be fixed with any app with an exposure slider. After a contrast and saturation adjustment no one without access to the metadata would be able to tell anything, and I think Andy’s point is going to be that it really doesn’t matter much.

  3. John

    Hope it isn’t top left corner. The highlights are completely blown. I’d like to see the histogram for that one. I don’t even see the borders for that pic!

  4. Drew

    Clockwise from top left, the best picture is #3, however the exposure is too well balanced IMO as it’s captured distracting (and unnecessary) background details. #2 is my favourite, the colour palette enforces how cold marble is and adds to the integrity of the statue.

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