iPhone 5 Photo Quiz – Part 3


And now we’ve finally reached The Boston Public Library, the site of so many of my standard test photos. I take two shots here in Bates Hall. The first is a straight shot down the middle of the hall; this is the second. Why aren’t I using the first one in this quiz?

Because: (oh dear) two of the cameras failed to take a usable photo. Too blurry. My usual protocol is to take three in a row, and then use the best of the three for comparison with other cameras. Nope…these two cameras screwed up three times.


Well, let’s just take a look at View 2 then. As with the others: I’ve made no adjustments to exposure, color, or sharpness. I’ve just cropped the file that came out of the camera.


(Click to visit Flickr and embiggen. Come on back here to comment.)

Which is your favorite?

Which one do you think was shot with the iPhone 5?

10 thoughts on “iPhone 5 Photo Quiz – Part 3

  1. Nate

    #2 is the best. Not overexposed; you can almost make out paragraphs on the page. Not underexposed; you can see detail in the guy’s hair.

    Whether that is the iPhone 5 is another question.

    I can see why #5 is appealing: it doesn’t have the yellowish tint. However, I think that is the result of being overexposed, plus possibly some overzealous white balancing by the camera.

  2. J

    #1 was the only one not so blown out as to capture a small amount of detail in the windows, I liked the color more than most of the other photos, it captured the red text on the headline in row 2, the bad was a notable lack of deail in the back of the room and the orange shirt guy was artifact end to death. I wil null mention the green lights to say that none of the photos excelled #2 the least, grain and most detail(painting top right back) but no red (letters) and this camera seemed to struggle with orange shirt guy too. #3. More noticeable grain and the color shifted yellow. #4 virtual tie with 2 but even yellower. #5 is fuzzy.

    Don’t LOVE any of these in low light. No guess as to which is which.

  3. russ stauffer

    Difficult one here.

    I will stick with my guess that Andy used iPhone5 photo for the ‘full image’ he posts at head of each quiz.

    Given all that, then the 5th (bottom row, far right) photo is the iPhone5.

    – Russ

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