Little Help, Here?


Look, if you’re in that coffeeshop on Route 1A in Norwood, Massachusetts, could you make sure nobody grabs my laptop?

When I read that there was going to be a new “Sandman” miniseries written by Neil Gaiman and drawn by JH Williams, I ran out of there cheering. I got about three miles away before I regained my composure.

I think the buses come about every half an hour. I’ll buy you a soda and one of those pieces of carrot cake from the refrigerated case when I get back there.

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5 thoughts on “Little Help, Here?

  1. Nick

    Admit it, you’re just looking for an excuse to by a new retina MBP. If someone steals it, they’re really doing you a favour.

  2. Ammon

    I never got interested in the 90s when he was all the rage even though I knew I was supposed to read it and like it–it’s good for you like vegetables.

    Back then I was too busy reading Spider-Man and the X-Men, enjoying the art in Image Comics (no real stories to read here, move along), seeing Superman die (and come back), and watching Batman get his back broken.

    Maybe now is finally a good time for me to get into Sandman as nothing about the current generation of comics really looks appealing to me.

  3. John Holderried

    Great, since everything old is new again, I have just a few requests:

    1) return of spider-man’s marriage, since making a deal with the devil should be a BAD idea.

    2) west coast avengers 2

    3) Secret wars 3

    4) walt simonson back on Thor

    5) John Byrne back on FF

    6) an Alpha Flight book that doesn’t end after 8 issues.

    That should hold me for a while.

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