Sunset A La Amtrak

NYC Sunset a la Amtrak

The view from my train home last night. You don’t get to see this sort of thing from your window when you fly from JFK to Logan.

Rather, if you did see this from the window of a 757, then your day would be going very, very poorly. And it would about to get much, much worse for yourself and a great many residents of the outer boroughs.

2 thoughts on “Sunset A La Amtrak

  1. Rocky

    And instead of just a lovely picture, you’d have a lovely picture spread throughout every news organization on the planet (even the Chicago Sun Times!). But better a more modest number of viewers…

  2. Goofball Jones

    Is this why there was no Ihnatko Almanac yesterday?

    While I appreciate that you have other things in your life to do, you DID start this podcast up a year or so ago with the intent to have your own show…yet you seem pretty cavalier in maintaining that show. You’ve gotten some of us hooked on it, and then you seem not that interested in maintaining the podcast and it seems to be very much a “back burner” project for you. “Oh, I’ll get around to it if I can, but no promises”.

    This of course wouldn’t be that big of a deal, but the simple fact is, you totally go out of your way to make sure you show up on other podcasts. I can only assume that Leo pays much more for MacBreak Weekly than Dan does for the Ihnatko Almanac, yes? I mean, I’ve heard you Skype into MacBreak Weekly while at airports or even in your car sometimes, just so you can be on that show!

    Perhaps I’m thinking too much into this. Maybe it’s because for YOUR show you want the sound quality and experience to be top-notch, but on other podcasts where you’re not the main focus, you don’t mind if you’re connection is wonky or if you’re in a busy airport etc etc.

    The bottom line is that if we don’t hear your show, we start to miss you man…Oh, and to bring this all around to the post you have here, nice shot bro!

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