A Message To The Intangible Spirit Of Aperture

Dear Aperture, An App That I Love:

When my WiFi is misbehaving, you keep interrupting my work in other apps to report that you’re having trouble connecting to MobileMe. I have never so much as implied that I have any interest in MobileMe galleries. Yet you do this several times an hour.

When you get into this sort of fugue, you’re like a waiter who keeps interrupting my meal and my conversation every ten minutes to tell me that if I was thinking about ordering the broccoli custard for dessert, alas, the kitchen has run out.

This waiter will still receive a gratuity. He is doing the wrong thing, but I appreciate it’s coming from his drive to provide excellent service. Still: 15%, tops.

Just FYI. You do know that in a few weeks’ time, there will be no MobileMe to connect to?

[Edited to add: Yes, darlings, I know how to remove MobileMe from Aperture’s radar. I just think it’s odd that the default position of this app is to attempt to maintain a connection to a service that the user hasn’t expressed any interest in, and isn’t using.]

3 thoughts on “A Message To The Intangible Spirit Of Aperture

  1. Michael Sheehan

    Just FYI, you do know you can simply delete the MobileMe account in your Aperture prefs, right?

  2. Matt L

    Go to your account tab in the preferences and remove your Mobile.me account.

    You’re welcome.

  3. James Reeves

    Andy, Surprised you are using Aperture. I got fed up with it after a year and switched back to Lightroom. Everything is faster.

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