“American Gods” Voting Is Over…Thanks, Everyone!

Voting for the Neil Gaiman Audio Contest is over! And thanks to you guys, yes, I did indeed land somewhere in the Top 20.

You guys…

(turns away)

(dabs at eyes)

(turns back)

(clears throat)


Now the contest moves on to Stage 2, in which the Panel of Harper-Collins Judges chooses the one they like the most.

And I do think that’s the operative phrase. I think what happens now is that each judge will listen to all 20 and then vote for the one that they flat-out Liked for whatever reason. The nature of the contest gives them a lot of freedom. There’ll be reactions like “That guy sounds like he’s just been in a bar fight. That’s kind of cool.” or “Wow, doesn’t [name of finalist] sound perfect for [unnamed incidental character]?”

Or even: “#6 is dressed in an awesome troll costume in his entry photo, and his audition sounds like a million bucksand he’s dressed in an awesome troll costume. Gentlemen and ladies, why the bloody hell are we looking any further? WE. ARE. USING. THIS. MAN.

But most likely it’ll simply be a gut response. It’s not an award to recognize America’s Next Top Audiobook Narrator. The judges will be making the statement “You have a cool voice. Come and record a part for us, won’t you?”

So I think I’m in there with a chance, along with 19 other Equally-Worthy Humans. Give them a listen. A Neil Gaiman fan with some scripting mojo wrote a neat little gadget that (I think) scraped the site once an hour during the voting period and maintained an updated list of top vote-getters, with links to their audition pieces.

No matter what the outcome, I wanted to be sure to thank everyone who helped me finish in the top twenty! That finish is put a lottery ticket in my pocket for the next few days. The outcome won’t be known until the end of the week, and I know that my chances aren’t great. But until the announcement, hell: I’ve got a nonzero chance of winning something awesome. And that’s a fun thought.

15 thoughts on ““American Gods” Voting Is Over…Thanks, Everyone!

  1. Serena

    Exciting! Glad I could help in some small way! I’m looking forward to hearing Gaiman’s book, especially your chapter!

    Good luck!

  2. Mike

    I had a feeling you’d reach 2000 votes when I voted again yesterday. Glad I could help.

  3. Church

    The contest was weird on a lot of levels. There’s some serious voice talent that was drowned in the noise. I hope they look at those as well.

    Still, congrats on your (presumed?) win.

  4. Ihnatko Post author

    @Church – Oh, at this point it could go to anybody. One can’t guess what they’re looking for. Like I said in the post, I think the winner will be the one that the judges Liked The Most. That could be “the most professional recording” or it could be “the best actor” but I think it’ll be a gut reaction of “we’d love to have this voice in the audiobook.”

    And you’re right: there were plenty of great auditions that only got a couple of dozen votes.

  5. Charlotte Alldredge

    You. were. awesome. You deserved to win! Odd that your win could be nullified by stage 2…

  6. Ihnatko Post author

    @Charlotte – Naw, that was the whole point of the contest. The judges can’t possibly listen to 1000 entries, so the stage 1 “rally your social media troops” part was necessary to knock the list down to a manageable level. Nothing’s being nullified.

    But thanks for the vote and the kind words!

  7. Tyler M

    Your voice is like a 1000 babbling brooks woven together.
    P.S. What happened to doing those audio recordings summarizing school books for college kids (from MBW)? I’m sure you would think of a better title for them than that, but I would buy all of them in a heartbeat.

  8. Jeffrey Matthias

    Congrats, Andy. I’m excited for you; it’s obvious that you’re a big Neil Gaiman fan. But… A deal’s a deal. I didn’t vote every day for your benefit, I voted because of promises of public domain audio books. So, watchya gonna read and when should we expect it?

  9. RichardB

    Glad to be able to assist. Good luck. I look forward to listen to your dulcet tones when I re-read the book.

  10. JustChristine

    Andy – from a fellow top 20 finisher (BluLeopard), congratulations and best of luck to you! It’s great to see what an outpouring of support you had from your fans!

  11. Daniel J

    So does this mean you will be recording that public domain audiobook now? Or do you actually have to win to do that?

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