From the Conference on World Affairs: “The Wild, Wild Web: We Are All Criminals Online”

Here’s the first of what I hope will be a series of audio posts from the Conference on World Affairs. It’s an annual conference at the University of Colorado at Boulder which brings together about 100 people from all professional disciplines to talk about Various Issues Of Interest.

Naturally, they put me on the panels about geeky stuff. I’m probably not the best person to offer ideas on how to fix the Libya situation.

Some necessary background: this conference is like the Food Network’s “Chopped”, except the ingredients are ideas. I don’t know what I’ll be talking about until two weeks before the conference, when the schedule is posted. And the title is all I have to go on. “Your ingredients are: Social media; centralized monopolization of communication; and injustice. You have ten minutes. You may begin.”

You can try to write up a formal talk, but the only preparation that really works is to arrive at the session with just a set of signposts that I want to follow and points I want to make. These talks of mine are about 50% off the top of my head. Sometimes, I’ll be speaking last on the panel and I’ll throw out everything I’d planned because the other three speakers took the topic in a much more interesting direction than anything I’d considered.

So, no…these are never the most polished talks I give over the course of the year. But it’s a fun — and often humbling — challenge and I keep coming back for more every year.

This was recorded on my iPhone and the only edits I’ve made were to clip out PA feedback or any other kinds of noises that might me medically-incompatible for anybody listeniing on earbuds.

Visit the CWA’s site for more information, and a list of the other folks who spoke this year. 

CoWA_2011_-_The_Wild,_Wild_Web_-_We_Are_All_Outlaws_Online_.mp3 Listen on Posterous

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4 thoughts on “From the Conference on World Affairs: “The Wild, Wild Web: We Are All Criminals Online”

  1. Greg Smith MD


    Thanks for three things:

    1) Sharing this content- interesting!
    2) recommending the Ram mount for iPhone-love it.
    3) Your contributions on MacBreak Weekly-always look forward to that video podcast.

    Keep up the good work.


  2. Chris

    Andy – discovered you around 6 months ago via Macbreak Weekly, I discovered TWIT the same time, you’re the reason I tune into MBW and Leo is a nice chap too and Lindsey but I’m really an Andy fan first. thanks for this, you had some great insight and the sound quality for an iphone 4 recording was pretty great, thanks from one of your many earth fans, I really appreciate that such an Andy exists.

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