An Idle White iPhone Thought

Zoomed-in view of the iTunes "Devices" list, including an iPhone that's been highlighted. The phone is white.

It’s funny. I’ve been using this iPhone and iTunes for a long time. But this is the first time I’ve noticed that when you click on an iPhone in the iTunes’ “Devices” list, the black iPhone seems to turn into a white iPhone. You know…the one code-named “Brigadoon,” which only appears once every hundred years, or on eBay after an Apple employee quits.

I wonder if every time Steve Jobs syncs his iPhone and sees that, he gets just a tiny bit upset about the production delays, all over again. I suppose it’s like if there’s a new hit song in which the singer belts out the name of your ex-spouse over and over again.

10 thoughts on “An Idle White iPhone Thought

  1. panacea

    Isn’t it reasonable to guess that Apple are just trying to grow a new form of catnip at this stage with the ghostly one?

  2. Bill Heald

    What’s weird to me is that everyone was so thrilled by the concept of a white phone. Ever since I’ve had a phone, going back in history to when it was a dumb one, then a mildly clever one and now a very smart one, I always have a case on it. Wear and tear in the field demands it. It also allows for a much wider universe of style/color enhancements. But, I may be a freak.

  3. Bill

    Ypu still believe Apple is having production problems with the white iphone? It’s white folks — a color that’s been used for all sorts of electronic devices for 50 years (including Apple). How gullible you are and willing to believe anything Jobs conjures up.

  4. Tony

    What Apple needs is a 5ins iPhone for older people, remember Steve pushing his glasses up at the IPhone 4 launch. Call it the Silver Fox

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