Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-05-16

  • Back in NYC, heading to Penn Station. Taxi's progress blocked by Jennifer Hudson walking to make a point about some damn thing. #
  • Back home from MacMania 10. Final three additions to the Holsteins' Bermuda album are now on Flickr. ยป #
  • Recording MacBreak Weekly. Watch and listen live at #
  • It is your civic duty to occasionally be that person at the coffeeshop who stares out the window while listening to Johnny Cash. #
  • Zaftigs 10 Vegetable Soup: #
  • Zaftigs BBQ brisket sandwich with potato salad: #
  • Zaftigs chocolate chocolate cupcake: #
  • I miss the early days of "Mythbusters," when testing a myth required them to completely piss off their neighbors at the shop. #
  • They're now big enough that they don't have to build a chicken cannon in their parking lot; they can use a "real" test facility. #
  • Quick nerd alert: MIT Flea Market this Sunday. Photos: Details: #
  • It would take a while to clearly diagram out why I find this product and its packaging so disturbing. #

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