Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-05-09

  • Ship is now moving! I suppose I ought to Tweet before we leave AT&T's network and enter open waters of ostentatious lawlessness. #
  • Greetings from the MacMania 10 cruise. #
  • In Hamilton. This is not a Bermuda Apple Store…it's just an incredible simulation: #
  • LazyTweet: In Bermuda, what day is New Comics Day? And is there a good shop for comics? #
  • Answers, which I found here in Bermuda: The Comic Stop on 69 Front Street in Hamilton. Last week's comix arrive on Tues. Very nice place! #
  • Two new photos on Flickr: the Holsteins at Elbow Beach in Bermuda. ยป #
  • Today I did one of those things that Humankind does to tell God "You're not the boss of me!!!": I took my first SCUBA dive. Fab! #

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