I’ll be damned…the iPad works with USB microphones!

[Note: Yeah, Posterous screwed up the audio links. Try this version of the post instead.]

Well, my iPad Camera Connection Kit came in this morning. And I wouldn’t have believed it, but yes indeedy: if you plug (almost) any USB audio device into the iPad Camera Connection Kit’s USB adapter, you can use it with the iPad! Witness a little burst of live music:

…Followed by about 7 minutes of “Holy jumping prophets on a unicycle!” commentary:

…All recorded on my $150 Blue Yeti USB microphone.

Kudos to Glenn Fleishman over at TidBITS for being the first to point this out. I’d like to think it would have occurred to me to try this…but I’m pleased that none of us will ever know how long that would have taken. :)

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3 thoughts on “I’ll be damned…the iPad works with USB microphones!

  1. Chris

    Getting rid of the mobile phone contract and using Skype might be fun if the mic works with Skype and the 3G data only connection. Yes, I want to replace my very small mobile phone with an iPad.

  2. arnie

    thanks but no thanks. Too much stuff to cart around. I’ll wait until iPad has the USB drive (next gen, I hope, along with a CD slot the latter of which won’t be a deal broker)

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