Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-03-14

  • Sitting in the parking lot at the Red Cross, "sugaring up" with a Heritage Dr. Pepper before my platelet donation. #
  • Good news: BP and temp are normal (120/83 & 98.9). Bad: I forgot I can't take aspirin 48 hrs before donating. Reskedded for next week. #
  • Have just made my SECOND iPad-related hardware purchase: a Pogo Sketch stylus. #
  • New on : OscarBlog 2010: The Pause Of Inference #
  • I'll be obsessively and nerdifically liveblogging the Oscars. Just refresh this page on #
  • Just a reminder: I'm loveblogging the Oscars on » #
  • Yes, LOVEBLOGGING. I LOVE the Oscars. #
  • ALERT to all men and women who love women: TCM is running Cyd Charisse movies all day today. THIS IS NOT A DRILL. #
  • To those who might have missed it: my liveblog from last night's Oscars is on » #
  • Just finished a phone interview with @jimlee00 and John Rood about DC Comics' digital directions. After dinner there will be much typing. #
  • My job isn't like yours. I mean, today, did you open a FedEx box and find yourself wondering why Geek Squad sent you beef jerky? #
  • First workday with the office windows open. I feel like birds will flitter in and hand me the DVD-R I need, like I'm Snow White. #
  • Stupid damned Skype has locked up on me…desperately trying to fix for the show!!! #
  • The irony is, i cant force quit it while TWiT is calling me, & they won't stop calling because I should have been there 10 min ago! #
  • Okay, now switching to A WHOLE NEW COMPUTER. But I'm sure it has nothing to do with Skype being a total piece of ****. #
  • Finally starting MacBreak. Boy do I hate Skype. Few apps are this successful but this unreliable. #
  • On My prep for the iPad, and how sketch apps and the Pogo Stylus are newly-relevant to me. » #
  • A small plate of soft cheeses after midnight? On a weekday? One of the many, many advantages of swingin' bachelorhood, m'friend. #
  • Well! *I* just spent a lot of money. How about you guys? #
  • (Yes…I just spent $900 on a 72 master cases of Marshmallow Peeps, all colors. Wait, was there something else this morning?) #
  • New on Which iPad did I buy? The fascinating process, revealed. » #
  • The most important bit from this morning's piece: you'd need a VERY good reason to buy an iPad sight-unseen. I sure do. Do you? #
  • Check out's iPad pages — lots of details. #
  • "…And you can add free ePub titles to iTunes and sync them to the iBooks app on your iPad." Hooray! #
  • The implication is that ePub files will sync via iTunes just like any other kind of media (or maybe via a simple folder operation) #
  • Now in the hands of my Sun-Times editor: seven neat bits of news I got from Apple's new iPad pages. Will Tweet a link when it's up. #
  • Now on My fave 7 new details about the iPad, based on Apple's new product pages » #
  • Apparently, tonight is "Sing Elton John Songs Like Paul Williams Night," according to my brain. #
  • I say this with sincerity: "Jackass 2" isn't a better movie than "Network," but it has a much smarter and more solid ending. #
  • CSS design would be a less irritating if it DIDN'T turn out that the root of every baffling problem was a dumb mistake I made. #

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1 thought on “Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-03-14

  1. Jon Trimble

    Hi Andy,

    I’m a big fan, and regular MBW listener.

    So … I emailed Steve (Jobs), thinking my question might be worthy of a reply from Mt. Olympus, but sadly the turtlenecked one has not deigned to respond … so I shall ask you, a tech demi-god:

    Will Apple release an iPhone version of iBooks which would allow us to read on the iPhone and ’round trip’ our reading between devices after syncing with iTunes, the way we can with Audiobooks and Podcasts?

    Muchas gracias, Señor!

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