Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-03-07

  • Watching the Olympics closing ceremonies. For one magical night, everyone in the whole world was named "Gord." #
  • Dining with @muskrat_john in Wisconsin. Yes, cheese was a feature component in every course. #
  • The conference presented me with a big box of local WI artisan cheeses before my departure. WELL PLAYED, conference! #
  • New photoset on Flickr: The Holsteins in Wisconsin » #
  • Quick, join The Ebert Club before Roger raises his rates in April. Even non-Eberts are welcome (for now) » #
  • Watching "Hello, Dolly." One of my fave and most fascinating "great potential, but it just doesn't work at all" flicks. #
  • My Feb. detox from writing Apple or Google news ends with a 3000-word piece about the iPad, soon to be sent to my editor. Whoof. #
  • Before this gets out of hand: it's NOT a review of the iPad and I have NOT touched an iPad since January. #
  • New on Six things about the iPad that worried me a month ago, but no longer. >> #
  • Just interviewed @TomBrevoort and Ira Rubenstein for a column. Maintained my 20yr streak of being surprised my recorder worked. #
  • Whoops, no, the Old Fashioned wasn't invented there but they do them quite nicely. #
  • To a freelancer, 4:45 on a Fri. is when you see if you can play The Price Is Right's "It's a new washer-dryer!" theme on the uke. #
  • Just found I'll be on a panel with @ebertchicago at @cwaboulder. I'll photo the audience & later claim it's my usual fan turnout. #
  • How do I record phone interviews off my iPhone? Well, it's highly technical… #
  • New on : Scott Kurtz' LOLBat gets a sidekick #
  • I picked Mitch Seavey in my (self-employed) office Iditarod pool. Am sitting by computer in a foam hat shaped like a snow hook. #
  • Doing a lot of housecleaning. I just found a few business cards with my old FidoNet email address on it. My FIDONET address! #

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  1. Ben

    No more! I like your writing, but reading 17 twitter updates is neither informative or enjoyable. D:

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