Apple Tablet Week: And Then, They Broke My Car

Blown Tire.jpg

Yup, the photo pretty much says it all. At 5:10 this morning, I was stopped on the shoulder somewhere on I-95 between my house and the airport shuttle parking, on the phone with a nice lady at AAA and explaining to her that no, I haven’t left my car but yes, I’m quite certain that I blew a tire and I’m also 90% certain that it was the rear tire on the driver’s side.

(“Gosh, that one’s just a little flatter than the rest,” I recall thinking a few weeks ago. “And it’s not the first time, either. I wonder why that’s happening?”)

The car now has two new tires (the passenger-side one was just as old) and I’ve been rebooked on my third flight to San Francisco. I will get there in plennnnnty of time for the Apple event.

I assure you that my elan — unlike my original rear-left tire — is intact and undamaged. This is because the human spirit — unlike the spare that got me back here to my usual garage — is supposed to be able to run for far more than 50 miles at 50 miles per hour.

The only real change is that the focus of my trip seems to be not on Jobs…but on Job.

20 thoughts on “Apple Tablet Week: And Then, They Broke My Car

  1. Dan Christensen

    Holy smokes man, that is blown and a half. I’ve seen avengers lunch boxes ran over by tanks that looked better then that.. (horrible waste of a Marvel comic based lunch box, but a good use of a M1A1 Tank) Good luck.

  2. Johnathon Shell

    You know Andy it is as if the tech gods are conspiring against you. I know, I know. Apple is about release $600.00 of goodness on the world and they don’t want you to be there! J/K, its probably the gods warning you that tomorrow is not going to be worth the trip. NAH!

  3. Jarron Glasgow

    It’s nice to know that other people have as bad luck as we seem to have when we travel. I feel your pain bro! Good luck. Also I love your work.

  4. Lachlan Harman

    In original Ihnatko style, he ends the post with a witticism. I can only hope that you are not cursed with the bad fortune of having two friends to debate the situation over with you and waste your time, like Job apparently did.

    If so, I’m sure Leo will send you images of the tablet for you to turn into an altar to sacrifice things to his Holiness Mr Jobs.

  5. Norman Ferguson

    You do plan to sell the options for the TV/Movie rights to this travel saga to the highest bidder, yes? I can see you being played by Andy Richter (the slight physical resemblance being an upside) and the AAA agent played by Selma Hayek.

  6. Bill Heald

    I like not the look of this hoop. There’s no way it should have come to pieces like that, unless you ran over a running chainsaw. Twice. Careful where you purchase tires. If the dude looks like the bald dude from Bartertown, I’d shop elsewhere.

  7. Dom Barnes

    Thats quite a run of luck you’re having. I can imagine you hitting another delay, and finally arriving at the Yerba Buena Centre just as Steve is saying “and thats all we have to show you today. Thanks for coming along and we hope to see you soon. Enjoy your complementary Uber Tablet with lifetime subscription to iTunes TV.”

    Looking forward to your coverage.

  8. joecab

    It’s obvious that, like the Large Hadron Collider that keeps having problems, Andy’s future self is sabotaging his past to prevent him from going to the Big Apple Event. But why??

  9. Paul

    This really has been an unfortunate series of events. Andy, I think we’re all hoping that whatever gets revealed tomorrow morning is going to be worth the travails you’re enduring on our behalf! Good luck, and I for one will be watching live on TWiT.

  10. brandonleedy

    Oh no! This just seems to be a chain of bad luck!

    I hope things will turn around and you have a smooth trip the rest of the way.

    May the wind be at your back sir!

  11. Jaime

    The real sad part is that they won’t serve some of that real sugar Dr. Pepper on the flight once you actually get going.

    Godspeed Andy I.

  12. Dom

    Walt Mossberg on the phone to David Pogue today: “Dammit, Pogue! You said your guy was good. That’s twice Ihnatko has evaded him. If he makes it to San Francisco he’ll ruin our sweet, sweet deal as Apple’s favorite tech-writing duo and then where will we be? You’ll be back doing tech support on Broadway and I’ll be forced to start sucking up to Ballmer. Ballmer! You better hope his taxi from the airport in California conveniently runs out of gas or else.”

  13. Alex Hardy

    Would someone please send a car to pick up Andy? I’d go but I’m in Australia. (See Andy, you are internationally beloved!)

  14. bwooster

    Andy – you’re a tech version of Indiana Jones. What’s next? A boulder and some angry natives?

    Hop on that pontoon plane and make it to the Yerba Buena. You can do it, man!

  15. Victor

    You MUST get there safely, since you were the first person I heard mention this soon-to-be-not-mythical “device”, on a MBW episode… years (two, three?) ago. I will only believe it exists if you say it does! Ok, not really.

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