63 thoughts on “Message To Seth MacFarlane

  1. Brandon

    His comedy is malicious. People confuse it with “poking fun” but he must truly be an angry person behind that boyish smile. Did anyone see the bit he made for the grammy’s where Stewie (sp) assaults the dog? It is disgustingly violent and bloody and NOT FUNNY. People are so shocked that they laugh out of being uncomfortable. As a rule, blood and comedy don’t mix. It’s a very fine line. Monty Python have done it beautifully, but others should tread lightly.

  2. Ross Barnes

    I have to say I think people have missed the crux of the joke here, after watching the episode myself. He first does something violently inappropriate but which is akin to “cool movie-style violence”. Bashes down the drive through. Road House! Then he takes the same principle to the extreme, beats up the cartoon character of a kid. Road House! This time he’s went too far, obviously, and we’re cringing rather than laughing. That’s the point, for godssake.

    I personally can’t see how someone watched this and thought it resonated with the reality of violence against children. I know if I had experience with this I might feel differently, but then again I would know my experience pre-loads me with a bias, and try to adjust accordingly. Same thing can be said about almost all off-colour humour. This kind of humour is healthy in that it makes it ridiculous — which is to say, something not fit for reality.

  3. Ducky616

    HAHAHAHA Roadhouse…. This show is awesome. Does it hit home for us on occasion? Sure it does. Seth is fabulous. Look at the response from just a few, and they are the ones saying they don’t watch the show. If you don’t watch the show then you shouldn’t have anything at all to say. Keep up the good work Seth and all the writters for Family Guy…

  4. go

    Lucy getting punched *once* would’ve been great.

    But then it was again, and again, and again, and it became an adult hitting a kid, and just






  5. Alex

    Seth McFarlane is definitely sick for doing this, but Charles Schulz was a little sick too for doing the equivalent to Charlie Brown all those years. Was it cute because it’s a cartoon little girl doing the violence, but now sick because it’s a cartoon fat slob? I guess that’s political correctness for you.

  6. Buzz Lightyear

    McFarlane isn’t funny. I used to hear people say how great “Family Guy” was but had only seen the Stewie clips and that Chester Cheetah one and thought “I have GOT to see this show!” And so when I was stateside I tuned in and thought “WTF is this crap?” I can’t believe it’s survived this long. Oh wait, yes I can since it’s on Fox.

  7. Quizzy Rascal

    This is no more a depiction of ‘child abuse’ than Wile E. Coyote getting boulders dropped on him is a depiction of ‘animal cruelty’. Funny how many people are complaining about how the material on Family Guy is so horrible and yet they obviously watched the episode. Don’t like it? Don’t ever watch it again. But if you did that, you wouldn’t be able to reference the material and bitch about it.

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