My DIY Droid Car Mount

I’m spending the whole week using a Droid as my primary phone. Before I review it I want to do a full immersion. So I’m leaving my iPhone in my pocket. I only take it out for incoming calls and when I need to compare something to the Droid.

Ah: but my iPhone spends a lot of time in it’s car cradle. It’s my music player and my GPS.

They didn’t send me a car kit so I had to improvise. This is an old GPS mount with the GPS bit removed and replaced with a pad of Velcro. And that’s the micro-USB cable from my Kindle, providing power.

Well, it works! I’ve been driving with it for two days now.

Velcro: it’s like duct tape for the indecisive.

Sent from my iPhone. Because obviously I couldn’t take a photo of the Droid WITH the Droid, could I?

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6 thoughts on “My DIY Droid Car Mount

  1. Stephen

    interested in your take on Droid…. and I know you will segregate observations about the Verizon network from the handset/platform/OS. stood in line for first iPhone…and have ugraded every time…life changing, to be sure…. but having played with an HTC android phone for 2 weeks, I must say Apple needs to step up the competitive juices. There’s a lot to like…and I was using v1.5….haven’t even seen 2.0 yet. Inquiring minds want to know.

  2. Kevin

    “Ah: but my iPhone spends a lot of time in it’s car cradle. It’s my music player and my GPS.”

    You cad! The possessive apostrophe?

  3. Mark

    I am curious how much bandwidth the Google apps for android use. Since Verizon is putting a cap of 5GB of the data plan, it would be nice to know how much bandwidth the apps use. I am particularly interested in the Google voice app and the Google maps with navigation. If these apps use a significant amount of bandwidth, that would be a deterrent from getting this phone on the Verizon network. Hopefully, this will be something that you include in your review of the phone.

  4. Jason

    Since you are a big mac user I hope you give good information on syncing with a mac. Only things online so for are to go through google calendar but I’d rather sync to my mac iCal and Address Book.

  5. Jordon

    I was able to select all my contacts in address book, export them to a single vcard, copy said vcard to the Droid’s SD card, and import them to the Droid’s contact list. Granted, this is not a sync solution, but I call it a really good start! It’s kind of funny going back to the keynote where iSync was announced because it was a pretty big deal at the time. Now it is almost completely forgotten. I am kind of surprised there isn’t an iSync plugin for Android since it is such an open platform.

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