13 thoughts on “Testing three video cameras simultaneously today. “But how?” you ask…

  1. garyk

    Will you also be writing up a review of how well your patent pending velcro/card stock camera mount worked?

  2. Ihnatko Post author

    I considered adding an iPhone 3GS to the mix, but nixed the idea. (1) It was enough of a hassle to get three cameras running for every shot; (2) It would only have proven what I already know…that like every other phone camera I’ve used, the 3GS isn’t the equal of a purpose-built camcorder; and most importantly (3) I didn’t want to get Velcro all over my phone. :)

  3. Ben

    I owned both the kodak zi6 and first mino hd. i liked how i could shoot closer to the subject with the zi6 than the mino hd and i liked the mino hd’s superior low light capabilities. i shoot video on my 3GS and love the smaller file sizes but occasionally yearn for better picture quality especially in lower light. my mino hd broke and i gave my zi6 to my sister, so i am considering the zi8 and latest flip cameras again.

    what made you decide to test the ultra hd vs the new mino hd? macworld gave the latest mino a good review (http://www.macworld.com/article/143381/flip_minohd_2009.html) and gave the zi8 a pretty bad review (http://www.macworld.com/article/142473/2009/09/kodak_zi8_review.html). i’ve read that kodak has since come out with firmware updates that address at least some of the issues that the macworld review commented on (e.g., http://www

  4. Soonlar

    I look forward to the review Andy.
    I like what I see so far with the Kodak Zi8 specs. It appears to be the best camera from a specs stand-point, but would like to see what you think of the image quality in comparison to the others. The Zi8 will be nice to own and service for battery and memory card though, oh and the 1080p is a nice feature too.

  5. KitchenDon

    This gives me a great idea for a simple stereo-photo rig with my two pocket cams. Gonna try this before I put my limited construction skills to the test.

  6. Michelle

    Did I miss this review?
    I can’t seem to find it and am dying to watch it,
    since I can not decide on either the Zi8 or the Flip HD.
    If I missed it, please direct me to the right spot.
    Sorry for my lousy English, greetings from Holland

  7. Oliver

    My wife and I are also looking forward to this review – she gets the “winner” for her birthday (we had already narrowed it down to the Flip and Zi8) :-) Many thanks for your hard work!

  8. Frieda Albin

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