Today’s Toy: Flip Mino HD 2009

Today, Flip released what might be termed a “Red Carpet-Ready” edition of the Flip Mino HD. Viz:


Highlights: a larger, sharper screen, built-in HDMI-out, and double the memory for a total of 2 hours of recording time. Also, a brushed-metal case that gives the thing the heft and feel of a murder weapon.

(For a small dog. It just feels a little heavier than the plastic-cased version, which is still available.)

The video components appear to be the same as the old one: 720p HD with no optical zoom. Flip sent me one while I was away in New York City and I found some time yesterday to shoot some sample videos to confirm it:

I’m prepping a review of the Mino HD (and Ultra) alongside the Kodak Zi8 and A Third Camera that I’m supposed to be getting soon. Stay tuned.

13 thoughts on “Today’s Toy: Flip Mino HD 2009

  1. Bill

    Looks nice! Yellow on the flowers seemed to overwhelm the sensor. Other than that the mic picked up well. Great video

  2. @fkuenen

    This is really good quality for such a small device. Pity you only can record for 2 hours. One question is that you grandfather on that painting :-)

  3. Tom

    Nice review and video. Knowing the quality and the limitations of a small camera like the Flip Mino HD, your video shows how much you can do by taking time to edit and paste together some clips and add a little music. I’ve seen videos shot with cameras that cost ten times what the Flip cost and are not worth watching because of bad material or failing to cut and edit. In the end, it’s more about the content than the gear used to make it. I can see that this new Flip would be a great camera to have with you when you’re out and about.

    Thanks Andy.

  4. Ezra Goldschlager

    Does that third camera happen to be the UMX-U10 from Samsung?

    For me, the Zi8 would be the pick: External mic in, image stabilization that, although not great, helps a bit, and for some reason I have just felt an affinity towards the sample footage I’ve seen. Currently, I’m using the Creative Vado HD and appreciating its wide display.

  5. Bob

    Arrrgh! I don’t care what you say: It’s not “my-no.” The company pronounces it “minnow” and so should you. How do you pronounce “mini plug”? “my-knee plug”? “my-nye plug”? Sheesh.

    Anyway, I love your reviews and your work in general. Keep it coming!

  6. Steve M

    Nice looking video and better than the Flip I purchased this past March. What I found interesting was that Andy was on I-95 approaching the same exit ramp to I-295 that I use on my commute. I was really shocked to see the remainder of the video shot in scenic Wickford, Rhode Island which is just a couple miles from my home ! I feel honored that a well known tech writer came to town. Of course your colleague Leo Laporte has roots to Rhody too! Very very cool!

  7. Jeremiah Staes

    You forgot an important point. Where was the “Internationally” before “Beloved Technology Pundit” in the beginning credits? Did I miss something? Are you somehow now less international – and more national?

    Great review as always, you prove why you’re one of the best. You let us see what the damn thing can actually do. Good on ya, Ihnatko.

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