ASUS Keyboard PC pic

Damn and blast. I don’t know why the photo that I attached to that last post didn’t come through. Well, here it is anyway.
The screen is very high resolution for its size. ASUS didn’t have specs for me but I would guess it has more pixels than an iPhone screen…it “felt” like VGA or a little better. The surface of the keyboard appeared to be a brushed metal. It certainly had a reassuring heft.
The specs on the pub food: very thinly-sliced ham and some sort of salami, to be wrapped around bits of breadstick; toast with a very tasty bleu cheese.

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6 thoughts on “ASUS Keyboard PC pic

  1. sarah

    Ooh, I’m glad you posted this! It’s so much nicer than I imagined from the last post. Want, definitely (plus, Asus fan here — the little one’s first pc is an Asus 2G and going strong after a year of being handled by a 4-year-old!)

  2. Ihnatko Post author

    @sarah — ASUS is definitely one of the great unknown success stories. They went from being a partsmaker to a terrific consumer PC manufacturer.

    I love how utterly bonkers they are, too. They make some of the highest-value PCs on the market (the Seashell is one of the best netbooks you can buy, without even exceeding the usual comfy price range of that class), and yet they’ll also do a model clad in bamboo, or in Lamborghini paint…Just Because.

    Very eager to get my hands on the Keyboard. I’ve been looking for a “media PC” for my HDTV and this looks like it’s very close to the right thing.

  3. ZenAmateur

    But did you try to install a hacked version of 10.6 on it?

    Come on, Andy – these are the things we want to know from the Font of All Useful Knowledgeâ„¢ that you have become…

  4. victor

    I’m with Sarah. I just could not imagine what this would look like, whilst reading the first post. This image was a very pleasant surprise. ASUS has always been on my radar, since I have assembled any PCs over the years. Their motherboards were always near the top of the list. I am Mac-only these days, but I got my girlfriend an EEEpc. :-) Is this aimed at the same market the fabled Apple tablet will enter?

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