This Internet, It Freaks Me Out A Little, Sometimes

I’m crunching on a major book deadline and taking what is really the only kind of break you can get away with: the sort where you’re still seated behind the keyboard and looking at a screen. Honestly, I’d kill for a real break that involves stepping outside to breathe some fresh air. But I’ve so much work to do that if I swung the front door open for even a moment, I’d probably just keep straight on running until I reached a Catholic cathedral where I could claim right of sanctuary.

 iTunes is on Shuffle Play and a few minutes ago, a Dresden Dolls track came up. Which inspired me to Google the group, which led me to a SPIN Magazine article about a joint reading/performance with Neil Gaiman and Amanda Palmer, which contained the information that the DD leader used to perform in Harvard Square as a living statue. And that Gaiman once…

 Wait. Amanda Palmer was a living statue in Harvard Square?

 I once came across a great living statue in Harvard Square…a performer whose presence was engaging and thought-provoking. You don’t suppose…?

 I checked my Flickr feed for a couple of photos that I’d shot years ago, with only my third digital camera (click photos to go to my Flickr feed).



 Another Google Search, this time for a good, head-on image of Palmer. Aha!


 I’ve been tabbing between those two windows over and over again, comparing. Hmm. Yyyyyes. Yes. I’m not 100% sure, but I’m willing to bet that this is…

 Oh, right. I could probably just Google for “Amanda Palmer Bride,” couldn’t I?


 Cool. Now I’m doubly-glad I put a couple of dollars in her pitcher. The Medici family were patrons of Michaelangelo, Galileo, Raphael, and Brunelleschi, sure, but where were THEY that day in Harvard Square? Probably off at John Harvard’s Alehouse getting pranged while artists like Amanda Palmer were standing right outside, going unpatronized. Well, don’t worry, folks: on that day, Ihnatko was there to take up the slack.

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8 thoughts on “This Internet, It Freaks Me Out A Little, Sometimes

  1. Will0Hio

    A bit of the the “six degrees of separation” going on there but in the reverse. It is funny how things can tie together in weird ways. Life sure is full of ironic surprises and foot falls irregardless of whether you are looking or not.

    Great pictures there Andy. I particularly like the long shadows and the moment you captured in the second frame. Thanks for sharing.

    I always look forward to hearing your tech contributions and pleonastic~offbeat humor on MacBreak Weekly. And I eagerly await my copy of your contribution to iPhone geekiness err uses.

  2. bruno

    And did you ever thought that neil gaiman would find this and show it to amanda palmer?

  3. Delirium

    ;) Found this via neilhimself’s twitter…surprised he didn’t crash this link. No #neilfail today!

    the interwebs are a strange place…a series of tubes, in fact, and a very puzzling concoction

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