Okay, I’ve just bought 100 megabytes of international roaming data. Let’s see if I can post this without it costing me a few grand!

Incidentally, it’s very cool to look in the upper corner of my iPhone and see something other than “AT&T” for once. Many disgruntled subscribers would happily fly for 16 hours as I just have, and consider that sight to be the highlight if the whole trip!

2 thoughts on “Testing

  1. Ann

    Hi Andy, I missed you on MacBreak Weekly today, but looks like you made it to China okay. Hope you’ll be able to keep posting through your trip, it will be fun to follow along. Besides, my vacation budget went to the new 15″ MacBook Pro that just came out.

  2. MfS

    So show us a screen shot of your iPhone home screen in China so we can see what it looks like over there!

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