Better Make Hay…Michael’s Body Ain’t Gettin’ Any Warmer

When I heard about Michael Jackson’s death (while navigating from the channel Dad’s TV was on to the Red Sox game on NESN), I sort of braced myself for what I knew was coming: a barrage of insanely opportunistic and optimistic press releases.

It follows every Big, Sad News Event. It’s terribly unfortunate that tens of thousands of people died in that tsunami off the Indian Ocean, but if nothing else it only underscores the need for a reliable, offsite network backup service such as…et cetera.

I can sort of forgive most of these things. PR people are like lawyers. They’re not paid to serve the needs of the public or even good taste; they’re paid to think of their clients and their clients alone. And frankly, it’s not completely irrational to think that a tech columnist might be interested by the fact that your social networking service stayed online and in operation even when traffic exploded a hundredfold in the space of just ten minutes.

That is, I don’t think I’ll be writing about this today, while the tabloids are still bidding on Jackson’s autopsy photos. But in a few months, when I need to make a point about load balancing and traffic spikes? I just might search my Inbox for it.

So noted. But the world’s PR agencies are on notice that the contest is closed and the Honeybaked Ham Gift Voucher has been awarded. No more entries, please: I have officially received the most bald-faced and shameless bit of self-servery possible. Names and contact info have been censored to protect…

Well, I’m not sure why. But I did it and it’s too much work to change it back. Click to enlarge.

6 thoughts on “Better Make Hay…Michael’s Body Ain’t Gettin’ Any Warmer

  1. John B.

    I really hope this PR rep and his/her artist can forge on despite this tragedy. I’m sure they will be in the Jackson family’s prayers as much as in mine.

  2. biocow

    Why block out 2 of the names and not P. Diddy?

    Also, my best friend Google helped me figure out who this is.

  3. Jen

    I kind of wish the whole circus would just go away right now. I can understand it being a big thing the day it happened, but after that? It’s not really newsworthy until new information comes forward. Even then, it’s overdone. Ugh.

  4. David Portela

    Why don’t people ever learn that saying things like “Michael Jackson touched people of all ages” is never going to sound OK?

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