Why Roger Ebert is a Genius. #1728 in the series.

Witness his reaction to last night’s VP debate, courtesy of his blog:

So she was understandably nervous, and you could tell that by her rapid speech, faster than what we’ve heard before from her. Listening to her voice, you could also sense when she felt she’d survived the deep waters of improvisation and was climbing onto the shore of talking points. When she was on familiar ground, she perked up, winked at the audience two of three times, and settled with relief into the folksiness that reminds me strangely of the characters in “Fargo.”

Palin is best in that persona. You want to smile with her and wink back. But who did she resemble more? Marge Gunderson, whose peppy pleasantries masked a remorseless policewoman’s logic? Or Jerry Lundegaard, who knew he didn’t have the car on his lot, but smiled when he said, “M’am, I been cooperatin’ with ya here.” Palin was persuasive. But I felt a brightness that was not always convincing.

6 thoughts on “You BETCHA!

  1. Brandon

    I’m sure Ebert is wise, but is Ebert the American public? Would someone on the street even know who Marge Gunderson or Jerry Lundegaard is? Much less remember Fargo? The young voters certainly won’t… I certainly don’t.

    Speaking of young voters, I go to a rather liberal design college and when I posed the question in my class (of 22 students) , “Did anyone watch the debate?” I got a nearly unanimous “No.” These may be pro-Obama kids but they couldn’t care less. Heck, I was pro-Obama, then pro-McCain, and now just disgusted from both sides and I don’t care anymore.

    Just yesterday a “Get out the vote” girl came into my Euro-Civ class and asked the teacher if she could hand out voter registration forms and talk for a bit. Her first question: “How many of you aren’t registered to vote?” Almost 3/4 of our class of 80 students (various years and degrees) raised their hand. She then asked “how many of them wanted to register to vote?” She held up the forms and all but 2 hands went down. It was a riot.

    Don’t overestimate the youth. They care a lot less than you think… Sure we enjoy the idealism of “hope” and “change” but when the day comes a lot of us won’t be getting out to the polls.

  2. Larry

    So because of her accent and manner of speaking she is cursed with a wall of fictional characters that hide any chance to see past it. We seem to be such a shallow people. The Fargo comparison is interesting, the SNL skits are funny and they seem to divert serious attention from the issues and the depth of understanding of the philosophy of both candidates. Sadly the youth, as was I then, are still easily co-opted with only shallow visions of what could be. Life experience is still the best educator.

  3. Bob Anderson

    I fear Michael Nally. He’s so fear ridden he dangerous to our country.
    As Roger E. I have to disagree with Andy. Roger is just couching his politics is a movie reference where the people use a similar speech pattern. That’s not genius it’s just a good memory, and an inflexible political ideology. While Roger is a movie critic he does understand the difficulties involved with making a public appearance, especially when your in unfriendly territory. To say that Gov. Palin was in front of a hostile crowd, with hostile cast members to understate the night. And I’m sorry Roger couldn’t set aside that ideology and recognize a courageous person who under difficult terms made a good showing.
    Of course she was nervous. I wonder if Biden would be willing to make such an appearance under the same circumstances.
    I think not, no wait, I know he wouldn’t.

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