Huh? Wuzzat?

Do I dare dream it?

Am I dreaming now?

Or is my blog finally back up and running?

No, I mustn’t believe it. I’ve had my heart broken before. I’ve had some false starts, made some hard decisions, learned some tough lessons, emerged with a soul that had been hardned in the hottest fire and with my eyes able to see clearer for the tears I had shed.

And even then all of the Comment links were 404.

But it appears to be working.

All of my images. Even all of my custom styles.


Okay, well, clearly I’m going to post this and then a hand is going to reach out from the screen and do that thing to my face that Moe used to do to Larry. But I won’t find out for sure until I…

(Wait for it…)

Push the button, Frank…

22 thoughts on “Huh? Wuzzat?

  1. Michael Midnight

    Hey Andy! It’s great to see you have your blog up and running again (crosses fingers). I haven’t been following how you swapped your blog between servers, but how was it? I’m thinking of switching servers but want to keep posts and comments intact.

  2. Orlando Mike

    Well this is PERFECT timing. I’ve never been to the site before, however, after the umpteenth listen to MBW, I decided to finally take the plunge. (actually, I just wanted to see what it looked like with a pro’s site goes down…kind of like looking at a car wreck as you drive by).

    In any case, glad you’re back, and I’ll hang around for a while. Who knows what else I’ll see…

  3. zacksback

    Yea! It’s working! Pleasure to see you back here again. Follow you on Twitter and MBW but miss the Extra Long LP versions of your thoughts. You have convinced me that if I don’t really need to know about servers and hosting and stuff like that, I should devote that time to P. G. Wodehouse. A good choice I think. I picture Jeeves shimmering as I write.

  4. shamey

    Mme. Damrau cooly walks out onto the stage. She enters the glow of the spotlight and stands, motionless. The audience pulls themselves up in their seats. The house lights dim. Errant wrapper crincklers are hushed. The conductor taps his baton…..

    The Ihnatko Ring Cycle begins again.

    Congrats on getting all your web hosting Valkyries back in line.

  5. Kaji

    Hurrah! Just in time. I’m trying to convince a friend long distance that she really needs a KIndle, and I couldn’t find a copy of your piece anywhere!

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