Live OscarBlogging – Chapter 7

Awesome…Jon Stewart is playing Wii Tennis on the huge set screen with the little girl from the gospel coir.

(And another free ad for something cool).

(But how cool would it be to play Wii on a 20-foot screen?)

I must amend my previous comment about not shaving for the Academy Awards. If you’re Colin Farrell…well, go right ahead. Colin Farrell with a clean-shaven chin is like Matthew McConaughey with a shirt on. Yes, it’s technically correct and proper but somehow it doesn’t fit.

I’m willing to issue him a laminated pass of some sort — like a handicapped parking placard — so that he isn’t hassled about this.

I’m unfamiliar with this nominated song (“Once”), so I’m sure I wrong…but did the singer lose his place once or twice?

He’s playing a guitar with a big hole in it, like Willie Nelson’s “Trigger.” So does it continue to be a guitar, even with that huge fist-sized hole in it? Or at this point is it mostly just a prop, which you can only play if there’s a big orchestra around you covering up the awful sound?

Jack Nicholson gamely hand-over-hands his way across a very dry “Best Picture” montage intro. Hard to imahgine that they’re going to run through every last one of these.

Very dull presentation, too. Looks uncannily like the sort of movie browser Apple would write for iTunes or the Apple TV. “Hey, look at us! We can render specular hghlights and reflections on the fly!”

Ihnatko calculates the time to go from 1957 and 2007 and wisely chooses to go to the kitchen for a snack and beverage..

Am back — with a Dr. Pepper and a banana — by 1997.

Film Editing. Another favorite category. The amount of power an editor has is incredible. At the end of principal photography, all the director has is the potential for a great movie. It’s up to the editor to snap all of those pieces together.

Winner is “Bourne Ultimatum”…a very good pick. Lots of frenetic action and it all made sense.

Not a fan of the “black tie on black shirt on black jacket” look.

Does Bill Conti really have to wear his laminated ID necklace in the orchestra pit? Isn’t the fact that he’s in there waving a pointy stick all the ID he needs?

Nicole Kidman, looking a lot like my grandmother’s tabletop Christmas tree. Covered in tinsel in 1973 and then for 25 years afterward, they’d just pop a trash back over it in New Year’s and put it back in the attic until the day after Thanksgiving.

Robert Boyle — legendary name in film. 91 years old and still obviously sharp!

I bet the orchestra doesn’t play him off. At 91, he’s earned his “kiss my ass” spurs and would just keep talking until he’s said his piece.

Lovely, lovely speech. I hope a transcript of that gets posted somewhere.

6 thoughts on “Live OscarBlogging – Chapter 7

  1. Shawn Levasseur

    Re: “Once”, The guitar with the hole in it was the one his character was playing in the movie, and it sounded just fine (most of the music was played in front of the cameras, the only studio recorded music was from scenes set in the studio).

    He did not lose his place while playing “Falling Slowly”, as far as I remember.

    I recommend you do see the film. It might still be working its way through the Art House circuit. Otherwise, see it on DVD, when it comes out (which should be soon). It’s an excellent film. It really should have gotten more songs nominated. Go to the films website to hear samples of the music

    I dare say the Academy could have reactivated the “Best Original Song Score” for this year. It only is used in years when there is enough competition to justify the category. It was last used in the 80’s when “Purple Rain” won. Enchanted and Once would have been the nominees in this case.

  2. Mary

    I second the suggestion to check out Once. It’s available for rent on iTunes. The movie was made for $160,000 with shooting taking place on the streets of Dublin and in some of the stat’s apartments. It’s a nice little film and I mean that as a compliment.

  3. Tom

    Hey Andy,

    Definitely check the movie out. It’s a simple little movie but very heartfelt and enjoyable. And, it is on DVD already so Netflix it! Oh, and the other songs in the film are just as great as “Falling Slowly”!

    Now as far as the guitar with the hole in it… as a guitarist (or any instrumentalist in fact) can tell you, an instrument is a very personal thing. We can become attached to an instrument as much as one might become attached to a computer. It’s comfortable, it gives you a good sense of security, it just feels right. Holes and all, it’s probably the guitar he’s used for all the years he spent busking in his real life, working his way up, and it just feels like home. Cheesy but i think pretty spot on.

    I have a friend who has a guitar with the beginnings of a hole because he’s played it for so many years and he would never trade it up. It’s his baby! So basically, Glen Hansard’s guitar choice is, for him, the ONLY one he could have made. He may have other guitars, but this is the one that means the most to him. Does that make sense?

  4. Ihnatko Post author

    @Tom – My reaction is actually more technical than anything else. What does a hole like that do to the sound? It can’t be a subtle effect…isn’t there a point where it stops sounding anything like a guitar?

  5. OnceFan

    Glen Hansard has been playing that guitar for something like 18 years; he played in Japan and was presented with a brand new version of the guitar by the company that makes that it (can’t remember what it’s called). He was delighted with the gift until he found out that they were giving it to him because they were embarrassed by the old one with the holes. I heard him tell the story on Irish television, and he ended it by saying that it that the new guitar was lovely……….then he said “I left it with them”. Pure class.

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