Live OscarBlogging – Chapter 5

Lots of comments coming in via Twitter. I Tweeted that I’d be doing my liveblogging elsewhere. Lots of people are saying “But Twitter is perfect for liveblogging!”

Sure, but it sucks if you actually want to pursue a complete thought. I still worry (just a little) that we’re losing our ability to really think and communicate.

Jessica Alba, recapping the Science & Tech awards. She’s a good egg. And kudos to the producers for not turning this into a “Nerds and weird losers were given a separate awards event, because they’re so unglamorous and boring” sort of “funny” intro.

Two examples of an “almost” tuxedo. If there’s two of you and you look like the Blues Brothers up there…you picked the wrong outfit.

See? Nicholson is wearing a proper tuxedo. Are you saying you’re cooler than Jack Nicholson? Well, you aren’t, so put on a proper tie for God’s sake.

Best Adapted Screenplay. Has to be the Coen Brothers or “There Will Be Blood.”

And it’s the Coens. Definitely the first of many. I wonder if the speech will be a coda to the WGA strike? I remember when Elia Kazan was given a lifetime achievement award, and the writers pointedly used their acceptance speeches to praise the many screenwriters who were ruined by the same blacklist that Kazan so shamefully supported and exploited.

Nnnnope. Straightforward speech.

Stuffed shirt talks about the voting and selection process. I’m sure that when the director cut to that brainy-looking redhead in the audience, he didn’t anticipate that she’d start yawning a second later.

Not a bad bit about how the voting happens. After all, this is the start and the end of the argument that the Oscars actually matter and that the Golden Globes are piffle. With the Globes, about a hundred people with no real connection to filmmaking vote via a procedure that’s very malleable to fraud. An Oscar confers the votes and respect of your peers in the industry and it’s carefully kept as above-board as possible.

Another damned “Enchanted” song. I can’t possibly raise any interest…

Oh! Unless it’s being sung by Kristen Chenoweth! An absolutely incredible voice. I am agitated and impatient for her to make more albums.

The song is “That’s How You Know.” An ambitiously-crappy song, sung exceptionally well. This sounds like one of the throwaway songs that appears in a movie or play about songwriters. You’re just supposed to hear a few bars of it in rehearsal, so there’s really no point in the songwriter wasting one of his “real” songs on this, is there? No need to write an actually song. Just dash out something that sort of sounds like one.

2 thoughts on “Live OscarBlogging – Chapter 5

  1. Fuzzy

    > An ambitiously-crappy song, sung exceptionally well

    I guess the question is whether the songs nominated are supposed to stand on their own or are being appreciated for their use in the movie, because “That’s How You Know” was a great *sequence* in “Enchanted”. I think the songs in Enchanted were almost supposed to be parodies of that sort of light Disney fare, which does leave them sort of meaningless out of context.

  2. Ihnatko Post author

    @Fuzzy – Best Original Song is always disappointing because I’d like it to reward a song that played an important role in the movie. The fact that “That Thing You Do!” was nominated, but didn’t win, means that context means nothing. That tune was practically a leading character in the movie!

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